Saks Beauty Event

  1. Saks is having a beauty event starting March 1 through March 10.
  2. Thanks, I'll check it out. Neimans will be having one next week I think? I got something in the mail the other day about it.
  3. I was planning on using my "Spend some-get some" gift card on it.:yahoo:
  4. Can't wait. I am planning on spending my hard earned money at the Chanel counter.

    Does anyone know what NM is offering?
  5. Can someone fill me in: What is a Saks "beauty event"?
  6. It's their buy some stuff, I think it's $100, and receive a free gift. Additionally, many of the cosmetic companies are offering free gifts if you buy a minimum amout of their product as well.
  7. Neimans is online now. I may pass this time though.