SAKS - beauty event march 1-11

  1. as many of you probably already know... hehe :wlae:

    just enter code: ROMANTIC @ checkout
  2. oh, thanks!!!
  3. Thanks honeylove! I just did some makeup shopping at Saks and got this nice gift. Plus if you spend over $150 on Chanel makeup (which is pretty easy to do!) you get a Chanel gift too.
  4. oh, so this was the fantastic fundraising event i was hearing about..
  5. Thank you.
  6. I spent so much money at Saks this weekend. I ended up with 3 of these bags, 2 Jo Malone gifts, 1 Channel gift, and on Clinique. All the purchases weren't for me of course.
  7. I went to Sak's yesterday - many of the brand beauty gifts are way better in-store than they are online! I'm going to check out Neiman's tomorrow - they were closed by the time I got there yesterday.
  8. I love my chanel makeup, but Im running low..what do you get free from chanel?
  9. so what did everyone get? :angel:

    jayjay77 - yep, it's definitely better to combine gifts & get more stuff for free hehe.

    i also ordered something from Neiman Marcus for their beauty event... idk which of the gifts is better, i guess we'll see when it arrives.
  10. The gift is a cute little makeup purse, white with black piping. Inside, you'll find rouge allure lipstick in emotion, allure body lotion, precision eye cream and a lip crayon in nude.