Saks bag order frustration - advice??

  1. I ordered a Gucci bag from Saks over two weeks ago and received it without a dust bag. Since then I've spoken to customer service three times - and each time they promised a dust bag asap - in one case via overnight by the weekend - that was last Friday. At this point I think that they should give me something for putting me through all this hassel - like a coupon or the current sale price of the item (as of Wed when they do the markdowns). What do you all think? Is that unreasonable? I just can't believe that I've had to call three times about this - and the supervisor was supposed to call me today to confirm shippment, so I guess call #4 will have to be made. :rant: :mad: :rant:
  2. Yeah, this time skip CSR, go straight to the General Manager or Store GM.
  3. Honestly...that's very poor customer service...that is just way too many calls to be making for the same issue. I would definitely ask them to maybe give you the price of the next markdown....sounds reasonable enough for me.
  4. Usually I would but I ordered online and so I've been calling the 800 number - I asked for a supervisor last time, not sure how to take it up a level from there.
  5. when they get the Supervisor on the phone, ask them if they indeed are THE Supervisor and write their name down.
    Threaten to start writing letters to the CEO. . .
    ASK for a discount or a GC/voucher, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  6. Saks will usually offer either a discount code or a $50 gc for problems not solved speedily. Keep pushing and ask if they don't offer! Sometimes *****iness pays! :rant:
  7. Oh I run a store online. I am sure my service is a lot better than Saks. Opps this is not soliciting...
  8. Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks also Swankymamaof3 - btw I love that photo you have of the twins, everytime I see it, I'm like awww!

    I'll call tomorrow and see what I can get, actually I'd really like it if I get the additional 30% off. Muuuahhahaha.
  9. I think it's a bit much. They were already nice enough to send a dust bag with expedited shipping, so to expect something more seems excessive. Honestly, it doesn't seem like a big issue where an accommodation other than expedited shipping is in order, sorry.
  10. I would just call them again and take people's names down so you can recall who you talked to when you asked about it. But I really doubt they'll give you a discount on anything like that over a dustbag which is something that normally comes "free" with purchase. I can see if there was a problem with the actual bag that maybe they'd give you a discount but they aren't going to respond much to "*****iness" as some have called it, over a dustbag.
    Sorry..I'm not trying to anger anyone or anything but if possible you might need to go in to the store and ask for one instead. At least you got your purse..that would be my main concern.
  11. Tongue in cheek ladies; I don't mean ream them. But if she's been promised something three times, and has to call a fourth, Saks usually bends over backwards to offer fantastic customer service. I'd call, ask to speak to a supervisor, relate the train of events, then ask again about the dustbag. All these calls shouldn't be happening.

    My understanding was that she still did not have the dustbag. In the past, whenever I've had issues, they always offer a code or a discount card. It doesn't hurt to ask. But I in no way meant to condone a militant attitude. The customer service ladies can only do so much . . .
  12. :heart: thank you!
  13. True, but I don't think they'll give a discount just because she didn't get a free dustbag.
    I think more concern would be in order if something were wrong with the actual purse, such as it being broken or damaged in any way. Then the discount or sale price of the bag should no doubt be offered but this wasn't the case.
    Also, it is my understanding that sometimes it WILL be harder to obtain dustbags as they are sometimes put with counterfeit bags so they are hesitant to just send them out like that. I understand she has her order and all in place that they should be able to see on their computers but even those who buy the authentic bags may have a problem getting them because of this.
    Thanks to counterfeiters, it's hard nowadays to determine who has only good intentions with the items.
  14. Key word being offered. I wouldn't go poking around and making a big deal out of it, just to get a discount. This situation doesn't call for that type of appeasement.
  15. I agree with this, *****iness gets you nowhere - I am very surprised at Saks, which usually can be counted on for flawless service.