Saks and sales tax

  1. I am in CA. If I buy an LV from Saks NY, do they charge sales tax?

    I got an LV a month or so ago sent from them, and they did not charge me any sales tax. I am wondering if I just got lucky. :shrugs:
  2. Yes, because you have a Saks in your state. However, I have a Saks in my state and the VA Saks said they wouldn't charge me sales tax. I think it all depends on who you're dealing with. Ask them before you buy it, but don't tell them there is a saks in your state.
  3. Do you remember which one in VA? :smile:
  4. Tyson Corner, but their handbag selection is slim IMO. I much prefer the Saks in MD (Chevy Chase).
  5. I just ordered and had no sales tax and free shipping on a Gold IF bag on sale.I don't believe there is a Saks in WV, although there is one an hour away in Pittsburgh.