Saks and NM in-store sales

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  1. I've been doing a bit of traveling and have gone into several stores that are having their big sales/pre-sales. I posted some of the info in Deals & Steals but thought I'd post here too for the Chloe fans.

    NM in White Plains has a bunch of Chloes on the presale tables - Edith bowlers, Betty (mostly patent), Tracy, and one Paddington hobo. They had a few Edith wallets as well.

    Nordstrom in the same mall told me that no Chloes were going to be in their upcoming sale. They do have a pretty impressive selection of Paddingtons though, for those looking for them.

    Saks in Pittsburgh, which I visited at lunchtime today, has several Tracy styles in Argent (light silver metallic) - at least 3 really pretty ones, all different sizes. They also had a two-pocket Edith in Muscade, and a white Edith hobo. I got the last Muscade Edith hobo, but they checked other stores' inventory for me (since the one I got has one tiny tiny flaw in the stitching on one pocket) and said Saks NYC has a few in that style. I'll just see if I can exchange it when I'm at the NYC Saks on Friday. If not, it's an easy fix. (And ohhhh, the pretty pretty Muscade color!)
  2. Excellent report! Thank you for sharing with us!
  3. I just came home from the Saks on 5th Ave, and they have a TON of Chloe. They had the Paddington hobo in canelle (quite a few of these), the shopper in black (I saw two), and bunch of Ediths (assorted styles, too many to count) in white, brown, and black (classic in Black). They also had the paddington satchel that showed up on NAP a few months ago (rounded one that you could unzip the bottom) in brown and white, but I only saw one of each of these.

    Also they had the Betty in python (about 5) and a bag I'm not familiar with - Tracy? - in argent (TONS of this one) and a bag with a kisslock?

    It's definitely worth checking out.
  4. Do you know if Saks NYC (on 5th Ave) has any medium or mini Paddies? I know one of the Personal Shoppers there and she can get me items - but she's often rather slow at replying to emails. :Push:
  5. Were all of these on sale?
  6. I'll be heading to Saks NYC tomorrow and will report back with my findings!

    I'm returning the Muscade Editch hobo I got @ Saks Pittsburgh, even though it is so pretty, because I rarely wear anything that would go with it. So there will be one of those there tomorrow too.
  7. Thanks bedhead!!! :smile:
  8. Ok, went to Saks NYC today and they have tons of stuff - pretty much what daniela127 said, with a few more of the brown Paddy that can be unzipped at the bottom a bunch of black Paddy shoppers, lots of Tracy in Argent and black (but the slightly metallic black, not true black). Still have lots of python Betty, which I was tempted by, but even with 30% off it started at like 4k, so it's still a lot.

    They have a ton of stock still, even a few classic Ediths left in brown and black and lots of muscade Edith hobos and two-pocket bowlers. All 30% off.
  9. Whoops, almost forgot - Bloomie's on 59th and Lex has a TON of Avas on sale in moka - both the shoulder bag and the satchel - and a lot of the denim logo bags. They also have some black silverados, on sale! They have the black Paddy shopper too, but it wasn't on sale at Bloomie's, though it is on sale at Saks down the street. The sale bags at Bloomie's were 30% off too.
  10. Oops! Yep, all on sale - there were tons of other Chloes that weren't on sale, but all those i mentioned were 30% off.
  11. Did you notice if any of the Betty python's were in caffe (light brown) or the price?
  12. All the python Bettys that I saw were cream colored and were all 30% off of $4100 or so. (Which is the main reason I didn't get one - even with 30% off it was a bit too much!)
  13. Thanks. Too steep for me too.
  14. Nordstrom's Sacramento has quite a few chloes on sale - sorry, can't remember each one - but definitely saw a reg paddington and some hobos. Ask for Alyssa.
  15. Nordstrom has the cream ones at 40% off. The SA told me to keep watching as the bags will be marked down to 60% eventually! :yes: