Saks and NM Black Friday Deal?

  1. Does anyone know that Saks and Neiman Marcus have a special deal on Black Friday? I know that NM currently have additonal 30% off reduced-price items and Saks have 40% off ticket price in store. Will they have further markdowns on this Friday?
  2. For Saks there's no new markdowns for Friday, just whatever already got marked down 30% will be 40% off on Friday morning (i.e. 40% instead of 30%, not an additional 40%).
  3. Thank you for the information. I have been eyeing a juicy couture shifty jacket in SAks store, which is now 40% off the regular price, and I wish it could get it at a lower price.
  4. Thanks for the info! Now I can sleep in. They've had better sales in the past. I wonder how the sale will be after Christmas....
  5. I read the asterik on their online 60% off add... and it says "Sale ends in STORE" on november 23. Does this in store sale also 40% off or is it 60% off? Thanks.