Saks and Neiman's confusion

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  1. Hey ladies.. I'm a bit confused because I went to pick up a pair of CL patent leather Rolandos at Saks and for some reason they were $625 (reg price) but I needed a 40.5 (tight ass toe box) and they were all out :sad: so when I went to Neiman's they were priced at $695 reg that possible?? Forgive me I am a CL virgin, lol.

    Also they were out of the 40.5 as well and I don't really to go across the border and pay that bloody tax..any other stores and ideas?
  2. Yes, sometimes Saks and Neimans have different prices for the same shoe. It doesn't make sense but you could always ask for a price match. I would see if you could do that before you try looking elsewhere!
  3. Really? I didn't know that was possible. I will try that today.
  4. NM wont usually price match, but still try. Have someone in Saks find it for you, and when it ships, there is no tax. With shipping it will still come out cheaper that paying an extra $70 at NMs....
  5. Thanks Cutie.....

    OP's state does not charge tax, so she should not have incur them. Also, Entice, you can make in person purchases from other stores - if your state doesnt charge tax, there should be none incurred. I would just call up the SA and ask him/her to send you the right size - confirming that taxes are not applicable.
  6. Thanks for your help ladies, I had a hard time finding them at Neimans so I took my butt right back to Saks and picked up the size 40 which fits fine except for the toebox. Not sure about the tax laws changing cause I got them for $625 taxfree
  7. Thanks aikandy, the only thing is that most of what I read applies to leather, I have the patent leather ones and the sock thing hasn't been working too well.