Saks and Chanel question

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  1. I can see why they would have to do this because there will always be those looking to scam; always. For the rest of us, though, it does cause problems and it's a damn shame that we have to pay for those losers.

    I wonder what happens if you EXCHANGE an item? The store doesn't have it but another store does and has to ship it to you? What then? Hmm. Looks like I'll have to call CS. Looks like I will think long and hard about making an extra purchase; even if it's just a few dollars over the amount needed. It's just not worth the hassle.
  2. heads up too-don't lose your receipt....or you are screwed. actually no, they can look up the purchase using your last name or scanning, its gotten pretty tight in saks. I have never argued so much as I do with the SA's in saks.
    i was sent a present from a customer and when they shipped it no receipt, I need to exchange the bag and I had no clue who bought it or how it was paid for and now I am stuck with it. I am not about to ruin business relationship over a bag and ask "who's card it was purchased on". The tags are universal on bags and can be scanned at any store so they tightened up security-regardless if you go in with the shipped label generating from their store and all the wrappings and paperwork. No receipt, or last name of purchaser you are SCREWED.
  3. OK~ So what happens if we buy something with the ECG that we earned on a promotion and return that item?
    For example~ I buy a pair of sunnies with my $400 ECG and later I decide I want to return them....where does the 400 go? To my Saks account or to a new gift card or something else? Anyone know?
  4. ^Merchandise credit, transferred to another giftcard.
  5. well I went into Saks Sunday and bought 4 pairs of SA said nothing about a return or the new policy on the gift cards.. I did not have to even goto customer service- he gave me the card already wrapped and sealed..
    Man people must have really been getting over....
  6. Hey "J"..........
    while I was perusing Saks yesterday, I did notice that EVERY bag had a sensor on it, something I have never seen before....
    I never had a problem returning without a receipt, or a gift purchase....
    Saks must be really getting HIT....with all kinds of stuff..
    It was always Neimans that were the butt holes on returns and exchanges...
  7. This is the story I've heard at Saks...

    Starting in March was when the new "rules" went into effect. At our local Chanel, some people came in and bought thousands of dollars worth of items. They earned enough EGC cards to purchase a LV bag with and then promptly returned ALL their other purchases! Frankly, I can't believe they didn't have something in place before now! That is a lot of money to lose.

    I wouldn't take the SA's comments too personally, she's probably just trying to cover herself and make sure you know the new return policy.

    In the past SA's did allow customers to keep the EGC card when returning items. It's not allowed anymore though. Also, did you know that those EGC cards have an expiration date? I think they have to be used within 60 days? In the past they could be "activated" again, don't know if they can do that now with the new rules.