Saks and Chanel question

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  1. Ladies, I have a questions to ask about the saks EGC....
    if you have to return something you bought in which you got an egc card- do they really deduct from your return of the amount of the gift card....

    I ask, because I ordered some stuff via telephone for this egc.... and the SA made a point to tell me that if I were to return any item they would subtract $400 from the total refund... Now I am not going to return what I bought, but I was quite offended at her comment toward the end of the sale, after she had taken my info... I am thinking about calling and cancelling and going through someone else- I am not over reacting, had you heard her tone and the way she phrased it, I was like oh... really- I have never had anyone tell me tht during an EGC event...I never returned anything I bought from an egc either....
    Has anyone ever been told this and is this in fact true ????
    I havnt even gotten my items and she already has me returning them....

    no this is not my reg SA and I have never bought anything from her-- I dont even return bags and shoes ..yikes
  2. I cannot comment to her tone, but I know that all of the Saks SA's have been saying this for some time. Apparently a lot of people were abusing these EGC events (buying something expensive, getting the giftcard, returning the item, keeping the giftcard).
  3. I have heard that they would deduct the EGC amount if you return., however, I have never been told this by any of the SA's I have dealt with during the transaction. And...........twice in the last few years I have had to exchange once and return once something bought during EGC and my SA did not deduct the EGC amount.:heart:H
  4. I had an SA tell me last year that corporate wasn't able to track the returns. When I spoke with he recently, she made a point to tell me that corporate is now tracking returns (buying, getting a gift card, returning the item, using the gift card) that they now are tracking and will charge back the shopper's account. I suspect SAs are being directed to "inform" their customers. Not to make excuses but perhaps she's tired of having to tell clients the same spiel. I know I would after a week or two.
  5. Aw, don't be offended. It's true and totally reasonable IMO.
  6. The giftcard I received has that sticker with a phone number with the long recorded message saying the same thing, but last year I had to return something purchased during eGC because it was lopsided, and I brought back the giftcard, but my SA told me to keep it. :shame: I have been a loyal customer ever since.
  7. Not sure about this time but few years ago the SAKS didnt deduct GC amount from my SAKS charge even tho I returned it.
    It was worth 50 or 100 i think....

  8. Not sure the tone your SA used, but the content of her message is the same content all SAs are telling EGC customers.
  9. I've always been told that if I have to return something not too worry it will be worked out, been shopping with the same SA like the last 10 yrs though, so lol, he knows I am not a returner. I don't appreciate SA's that put me on guard, if that happens I just gather as much info about the item then turn around and find a way to order/purchase without their help. There are ways to state these terms with tact and not be so blunt about it. Go find another one that would appreciate the biz and whom will also put your shopping experience at ease. It should be fun after all.
  10. I did not mind getting the info, but I have NEVER had any saks SA tell me this for any EGC I guess it just caught me off guard...... I guess being over the phone vs in person, you can never tell, but her tone did change the moment she told me the policy.. I guess i wasnt expecting to hear that..
    I guess they have lost out on these EGC's for returns lately..
  11. This is really interesting. I went to pick up my eGC today, and unlike the previous times when they took my receipts and entered them into a notebook/binder of some sort manually, today, they entered them into the registers!! I think Saks have finally gone digital! LOL! That probably means everything is fully trackable now and if you return any portion of the transaction, the eGC will be deducted from your charge, and there is nothing the SA can do about it. They probably had some sort of training about it and have to tell the customers about this. Granted, there is no excuse for rude tone of voice, T. Sorry, the SA was rude to you. :sad:
  12. my SA too made it a point to tell me about the new policy that they will automatically cancel your GC if you return an item and if you have used teh GC it will come out of your cc. I think she was just warning you rather than being rude and it just came across badly? apparently Saks has been losing millions of dollars because of these GC scams! eeks!
  13. Then I have a question regarding this 2 bags EGC -- the 1 purse i got was already over the 1K limit, like many, I got a little something ($100) to go with it. What if I changed my mind about the 'little'something I got and only return that portion but keep the main purchase...does that mean I lose out on the entire EGC as well?
  14. ^^ I would imagine so, since they entered BOTH of my transactions into their computer systems, the Chanel bag and the little second item when I went to collect my eGC. I think if I returne or exchange the little second item, the system would automatically trigger the refund/charge back of the entire $400 eGC, since it's automatically now.

    Maybe if you have a good relationship with your SA, and change your mind about your second item, you can ask her to do an exchange without receipt for something else, that way, it won't trigger this transation?
  15. YES, Saks items and EGC CARDS r NOW JUST being tracked via their registers..return ANYTHING and the amount of EGC is AUTOMATICALLY deducted.THIS IS NEW.They never did it before.....just a heads up!!!!