Saks after Christmas Sale, extra 50% sale price

  1. Just returned home after the 8am rush at Saks for their after Christmas sale. It was worth the early wake up and crowds and I left with 6 new handbags. My credit card hurts, but just think of all the mileage i"m acquiring!
    Today I scored a really cute Marc Jacobs bag, a couple of Fendi's and a couple of Kooba's. The selection of bags when I left was quite small, but still some decent deals. I'm not quite sure if I will keep them all, once I start paying all my Christmas bills will determine which ones i will keep.
    Happy shopping, hope the after Christmas sales were good to you.
  2. Hi flycarrie...

    congrats on your loot. Did you see any Prada deals while you were there? :yes:
  3. Which Kooba's?!?!
  4. ^^And which MJ?! :nuts:
  5. Scored on some awesome deals at Saks today. I got there around 12:30pm and missed the additional 50%, but they had additional 40%. Gucci sunnies, originally at $300 for $140! Also scored a pair of simple black Manolo Orsay heels for around $250, and a BCBG dress marked down to $65 from $200! If you can make it out there, go for it!!
  6. I was there today and the crowds were just dreadful - far worse than the few days just before christmas. I didn't buy anything significant (just some bras and Wolfords) but was able to get some price adjustments on recently purchased items which was a huge savings.
  7. Oh I was so disappointed that I couldn't make it again this year. My family got there by 9 AM and they said that the shoe department had been completely cleaned out, and just a few good handbags were left. It was a madhouse apparently! I hope I'll be able to go next year.
  8. I got away with a black Chanel bag for $577 (originally $1650), Ferragamo heels, and lots of random other stuff. It was a very good day!
  9. So true. I was there right when the doors opened, and they actually opened them a little early this year. I got a pair of Manolo's right away. I then went and did some shopping and came back through the shoe section an hour later. It was as if army ants had struck and cleaned everything out in their path.
  10. i scored an MJ friend scored a furla and also the miu miu small coffer all for 75% off retail price
  11. ^ LOL!

    I am usually not one to hit the stores on Black Friday/Boxing Day, but curiosity is getting the better of me. I'll have to bring the ant spray next year :p
  12. Oh wow! A Coffer? Sigh... Score for you & your friend!!
  13. Wow! Great deals...I struck out this year :sad:
  14. I was there a little after 10am, the bags section was a mad house and I didn't see anything I liked anyway. The shoe department was crowded to the point you had to wait for a seat to try your shoes on. I did score a pair of Fendi platform shoes/booties and was considering a pair of JC but the SA was having a hard time finding the mate for the shoe on the floor and since it was getting close to noon I just checked out with my Fendies and left. I did order three more pairs online so I'm pretty satisfied for now. As far as clothes, I didn't see anything I liked in the contemporary department. The DVF and Vince dresses I wanted were still either at full price or not discounted enough.
    Congrats to everyone who scored big!
  15. When I was there, no Prada handbags, but I did get a pair of Prada biker boots for $260. The MJ bags is the Olga bag, and the Kooba Olivia clutch:smile: