SAKS - Add'l 25% off of SALE Items

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  1. Here's what my mailer said:

    Take an add'l 25% off for a total savings of 60 to 70% off original prices.

    *In select stores only

    Selected merchandise only. Not all depts included in clearance. This clearance represents percentage off original prices. Intermediate markdowns may have occurred prior to this clearance. No adjustments to prior purchases. Excludes Off 5th stores. Men's clearance ends Sunday, 8/26. Women's clearance ends Sunday, 8/19.

    Men's clearance in NY, Beverly Hills, Chevy Chase, Dallas, Houston Galleria, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Antonio, Short Hills, South Coast Plaza, South Orange County, Stamford, St. Louis, The Shop at Riverside, Troy and Walt Whitman only.

    Women's clearance in NY, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Chevy Chase, Houston Galleria, and Las Vegas only.

    I went to the one in NY today and there were no sale shoes, barely any bags (no luxury designer brands, either, I think). Mostly clothing, from contemporary to designer apparel.

    Everything's separated by size, so that helped...
  2. thatz bargain!!! im nowhere near the states...i wish im there! thatz realli temting prices!!!! thanks posting anyways!
  3. I wonder how long this will last? I could hit up the Houston Galleria next week sometime.

    NM i just saw when it was ending lol.
  4. Do Saks carry Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta? I'd love to have one..anyone knows if any Balenciaga bags on sale? Please give me the phone number of Saks carrying those brands....pleeeeasssseeee...i'd have to have those bags
  5. The Saks here in Ft. Myers carries Balenciaga, but they don't have them on display. You must ask to see them, and they are kept out of sight.
  6. Yes, heading there today to check it out! My SA is holding a couple bags that are 70% off!
  7. i just got the louboutin esspadrilles online for $92 each!!
  8. really, wow :nuts:...i thought it was in store only.
  9. it only online only?thx
  10. was at south coast plaza, there was a falchi for under $300, a luella, probably under $400, a pollini, several cole haans and IF's. MJ cosmetic poutches originally at $295, $90 today.
  11. I've been told the Saks in Boca has the most Balenciaga bags. I've only worked with them over the phone (I'm in Cali), so can't tell you if they're out or hidden away.
  12. i didn't know the online prices would be reduced, i thought it was in store only

  13. has anyone been to the saks in Atlanta? anything good left? please report : )
  14. I did not see many Balenciagas in Boca at all, so don't drive yourself nuts!
  15. Too bad I'm not near Saks either. I appreciate posts of any bags people see at the stores.