Saks additional 25% off in stores

  1. I was in the Chevy Chase store this morning, some items have been marked down even more (so have SA scan item) with an additional 25% off:yahoo:
  2. Wow, thanks! I'm going there this afternoon.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I may head out to Tysons in a bit.
  4. Congrats on the discounts. Wish we still had a Saks here in Minneapolis.:crybaby:
  5. Went to Saks, Austin TX. I asked for the addtl. 25% off on a pr of boots I bought but was told that it was over a few weeks ago.
  6. AFAIK the 25% extra off is only for clothing, not shoes/handbags/etc. Whatever sale clothing items are remaining got marked down an additional 25%.
  7. Oh, I see.