SAKS- 8 to noon sale

  1. Greetings.... Does anyone know when the Saks 8 to noon sale at 40-50% markdown is taking place? It is always twice a year (one around this time and the other December). I called Saks today and they told me they "could not disclose that information"---very top secret of them. :cursing:
    I have been doing most of my shopping online these months due to work and I am not as chummy with my CC sa as before? any info for us all would be great! thks :graucho:
  2. i always thought it was the day after thanksgiving and the day after xmas. i've never gotten notice for one in the summer.
  3. Ditto - Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually 40% off from 8-12 and then it goes to 30%.
  4. Actually, I think last year they had something like this around the 4th of July.
  5. Thanks all. I have attended the June sale before, and it was Great!!!! (same as the Christmas sale but better). I called Saks again today and the manager said she could not confirm a date for the sale but that it is "soon" (whatever that means)...if I (or anyone else Please) hear anything on this, I will update the post...

  6. I'm waiting for the same, except online. I need a Jimmy!!
  7. My Dior sa told me they were going to have a really big sale around the 4th of July but she didn't know which bags would be getting marked down :confused1: .
  8. wow, i saw a lot of bags today already marked down 30-40%, lots of marc jacobs and chloes...
  9. wow I can't wait!

    Which Saks did you go to by the way?