Saks 70% Off On The 13th!!!!!!!

  1. Just came back from Saks Dadeland, Miami-on the 13th there will be another reduction for a total reduction of a REAL 70% off original prices!!!!!!!!THIS IS WHAT IS SAW AVAILABLE STILL

    FERRAGAMO banana hobo style in pewter - my sa said it will be arounD low $300's
    Gucci- One gold large guccisima (gorgeous)- and two handmade reptile and silk ones, plus a few others.

    YSL- several
    Dolce & Gabanna, a few including a purple aubergine reptile which was gorgeous.
    I reserved a Gucci jackieO in zebra for a presale on Tues which is absolutely to die for and will be in the $400's!!!!!!-

    Don'tknow if adjustments will be given on prior purchases, but if you are interested in what is still available or what can be found on locator call my SA Lazara at 305-662-8655 EXT 355 - she is in tonite, she leaves for Europe on Wednesday and I know she works this Monday but do not know about the weekend........

    Great Sale.......I don't know if return and repurchase will work or not!
  2. Ohh...! Maybe now would be the perfect time to open a Saks card. thanks for the heads up!!

    AND THIS MARKS MY 2000TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEe
  3. That's good to know!
    I was in Saks in SF this weekend...but there were hardly anything left...esp nothing in Gucci. :sad: Maybe I need to check out other purses.
  4. someone here was looking for the gold guccissima hobo too..hmm i forgot who thoe...
  5. Thanks for the heads up! Congrats on your 2000th Jen!
  6. Oh dear! will be divorced!
    Congrats Mello Yello:party:
  7. Thanks for the heads up

    and shame hubby just told me he's working until 10pm every nite next week
    i think that means Saks has to entertain me ;D
  8. does anyone know what inventory there is left at the saks? thanks!
  9. thanks for the post habanerita!!! would looooove to know what's left across the country. unfortunately i'm in toronto, so i can't see for myself...please post what you see everyone!!!
  10. Did you see any Mombasas on sale?
  11. Thanks Jewlzz and shushopn!!!!