Saks 70% - 80% Returns/ Holds thread

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  1. were they uncomfortable? i just returned them cuz i didn't foresee me wearing fuschia shoes all that often. i'm actually really happy because i found a pair of chanel flats i was looking for instead!!! happy shopping!!!
  2. there is a returned nancy gonzalez bag available at saks mission viejo. (949) 347-5100 ask for julie ann in designer handbags.
  3. just returned a chanel black jumbo croco bag to the beverly hills store.
    ask for donna.
  4. ^ how much was it? thanks
  5. bump
  6. my SA has a Kooba Jenny in the purple patent for $230 down from $595 if anyone is interested please PM me...serious people only please I dont want her to be bombarded with calls!
  7. it was originally >$3K, now around $1200.
  8. is this bag still there?
  9. Just a great story of how TPF can really help us find purses or shoes:

    - I saw a post on the Saks thread for a pair of CL booties in my size that Majuriel found at a Saks. I called and got them, thanks to her post.
    - They were too small and too tall for me! So I posted, asking if anyone was interested before I returned them.
    - Shainrocks pm'd me and we arranged for her to call my SA and give him all her info. So when I returned them, he immediately shipped them to her at the 80% off price.
    - She just got them and they fit perfectly!

    I love this place! Sometimes is a little more hassle to arrange or organize returns like this, but its great to help each other and have others help you!
  10. great story! :tup: