Saks 5th Ave Designer Sale - Up to 40% off - ONE DAY ONLY!

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  1. thx~^..^
  2. The site just "crashed"--big surprise!
  3. ^ yup! seems to always happen when they have sales, argh!!
  4. Just keep refreshing the page! I did and finally got to scroll through all the handbags. Thank goodness there is nothing that tickled my fancy! Those prices are pretty good!
  5. it's basically the same stuff they had for their other 1 day designer sale. i think i'll wait for the afterthanksgiving sale.
  6. I think the prices are the same....
  7. The prices are EXACTLY the same -- I hate that they won't price match on temporary markdowns. I had to go thru the trouble of buying the same thing 2x because they would not make a price adjustment. Grrrr.....