Saks 5th 30% off coupon

  1. Morning,

    Here is a link to 30% off at Saks 5th. I hope I am doing it right.

    :yahoo: Enjoy & Happy Holidays!! :yahoo:

    Ok that link is not working. Try this one. Sorry, this is the first time I'm doing & not sure how it works.$b7YBLXVHe39/doc.html?
  2. The 2nd address works if you copy and paste it into your address bar.

    Only valid in person at Off Fifth - not online.

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Awesome! I found a few things there yesterday. I stood in line for 15 mins then decided to purchase everything another time because they'll probably have a coupon soon.
  4. thanks! will head out there tomorrow morning!
  5. ohman i love u!
  6. booo the link didn't work for me:crybaby:
  7. any Off Fifth coupons for today???