Saks 30% off Selected Handbags on Nov 7th

  1. and 40% off selected clothing!

    The Saks SAs already know the list of handbags that are being marked down to 30% and are preselling them now!

    If you have a Saks credit card, you also get triple points which could be up to 18% of the sales price in redeemable gift cards!! I did the calculations and it turns out to be about 43% off total. Not bad for early November sales.

    My SA, Britany (412-263-4800 ask for designer handbags) told me Marc Jacobs (lots of styles), Marc by Marc Jacobs (lots of styles), Dolce & Gabbana, and Chloe will be on sale. Give her a call, she can help you presell since she knows the styles that are being marked down. Enjoy!
  2. wow thanks!
  3. is the triple point only apply to existing customers?
  4. Thanks so much!!

  5. could you give me her email. so i can send picture to her.
  6. Thanks. Maybe I'll finally get a Chloe now.
  7. Brittany is actually very good with emails and pictures and finding the bag. However, you need to give her a call because I don't feel comfortable giving away another person's email...thanks for understanding!
  8. I just found out that November 7th is the ONLY day when the bags are marked down. Regular prices will go into effect November 8th.

    I was going to wait for the "after Thanksgiving" sale, but then I just found out that it's the same mark down for After Thanksgiving: 30%.
  9. I checked with San Francisco Saks to see if any Jimmy Choo bags would be on sale and sadly the answer was no.
  10. Yes, you need to be a saks first member (happens after you spend 1k or something on their card).
  11. Thanks! - I just pre-saled the MJ "kid" bag I've had my eye on.
  12. AbbytheBT - may I ask, how much the Kid bag was on sale for and which colors are available? Thanks!
  13. OMG! Thanks for posting this awesome news!

    And yay for Saks having it on Nov 7th cuz I plan on going to SCP on that same day cuz of the Nordie's half yearly sale and now I have Saks to go to as well. hehe. And my mom has a Saks credit card so hopefully I'll find a bag I like and am able to use it. lol.
  14. wow, i'm guessing newer items won't be marked down? i'm preparing to buy a mj zip clutch! 30% off would be amazing.. but it's a new color for the item.
  15. My SA read me the entire list of items on sale (she got the list from her manager) and from my recollection, the styles and colors are from the FALL07 collection. The only styles NOT included are the ones just released a month ago or currently on "pre-order" status.

    For example, all the Marc Jacobs STAMS were makred down. Marc Jacobs Ines in two fall colors are marked down. Marc Jacobs Olga (recently released) is marked down. I checked at and it looks like my SA's store inventory is much better than the online selection.

    I was also surprised to see so much of the Marc by Marc Jacobs styles marked down, since those bags are already so low-priced.

    And the sale price is only in effect November 7th. I really hate that (!) because I spent way too much during F&F and EGC that I need to take a breather. I was also told that they won't have major markdowns again until December. That's good for my bank account I guess...