SAKS 30% off on Edith, Betty, Silverado, Tracy

  1. Saks Sale starts tomorrow 11/8 --- presale going on NOW.
    Paddys are NOT included, but most other styles are 30% off.
    Grab em girls!:yahoo:
  2. Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. I think I'm gonna dial for some Betty option availability!
  4. Here's what's available:

    Edith in chocolate (brun), ivory, black

    Patent betty (large) in dark red and black

    Whiskey Edith bowler (tons)

    Paddington hobo - don't remember the colors

    Some silverado style bags and plenty others. They pretty muched cleared out all the chloe shelves, almost everything is 30% off. i'm don't own any chloe bags i don't quite remember the styles too well. HTH's!
  5. WOW! The Paddy Hobo is included? Lovin the Betty in Patent!
  6. i just came home to post this too! thanks so much for those photos zoinksta, that was really helpful and nice of you! anyway in addition to those as of this afternoon they also had patent bettys in ivory, paddington hobos in medium brown and the green in the photo above, paddington totes in black and grey, edith bowlers in black, edith shoppers in ivory, edith satchels in black and whiskey...i may be forgetting some colors and styles...:s
  7. Are the paddington totes called the shopper?
  8. Is this online too? *wishes fervently*
  9. Nevermind... I just realised they don't sell Chloe online (why?!)
  10. dear nycmom:

    good evening! did you spot any betty patent in small?! large is just too big for me...
    thank you,
  11. Thank You! :smile:
  12. safin1 - oops i think it was the shopper style not the tote, i'm sorry about that (i went out to dinner after so by the time i posted last nite i was a bit tipsy but wanted to get the info online asap)!

    morganng - i didn't but it was so chaotic there might have been one there, it's definitely worth a call or maybe try another Saks that carrys chloe?

    i also remembered they had a tekla style i hadn't seen before, kind of a shopper i guess...
  13. Which Saks was this at? Anyone see the large Mousse grey shopping tote on sale?
  14. I just came back from Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA and they had an orange Paddy shopping tote in the sale section.

    They also had the regular satchels in Mousse and Orange. But these were not on sale.
  15. nycmom- thanx. I went to my Saks. It was the shopper. I hope they will have the front pocket one on sale next time.