Saks 30% off certain Chloes on Nov 7th

  1. My SA Britany called me today to presell and she said Paddingtons were on her list of sale items next Wed. If you have a Saks credit card, you also earn triple points.

    The styles are Paddington Capsule, Dome (I think), Paddington wallet, Paddington satchel.

    In case you're interested, Britany's number is 412-263-4800, ask for ext 5357 or designer handbags. She's very nice and helpful
  3. THANKS!!:smile:
  4. Aside from the Paddington satchels on sale, some Elvire bags are also going on sale. Also included is the Paddington shopper, the paddington clutches, and a bunch of the newer "small lock" paddingtons.
  5. Hi,
    can you tell me which store? I'm getting conflicting reports from different stores as to what's on sale. Thank you:heart:
  6. I went into the Saks on 5th Ave. I got a woman's card, it says she's a "chloe specialist" and she was really helpful in the store. I'll PM you her contact info, I don't want to post it on the board.

    If anyone else wants her contact info, PM me.
  7. Thanks!!:heart: