SAKS 2nd Cut Sale 60% To 70% Off

  1. They have 7 IF handbags marked down...thanks for the tip!
  2. Thanks for posting this! Nothing for me though...PHEW!
  3. Thanks, I got a pair of boots, not online though, it said sold out online call customer service and they found it for me.
  4. Does Saks have a 3rd cut or do they do a 50% off again like they did the day after Christmas?
  5. Saks in Southampton did a 50% off everything that had been on 40% sale before Christmas, but just from 8 am until noon the day after Christmas, the 26th. I'll bet NYC did the same. What a great sale! They had a fun selection of Prada, Manolo and Jimmy Choe shoes and high heeled sandals, yummy. Bloomingdales in NYC told me that they had done the same thing - I wish I had made THAT sale - next year I will.

    Saks in NYC as well as Bloomies has wonderful sales on designer and other clothing right now - much better than Macys - with lots of items 40% off the already marked down prices. Most designer handbags are gone, but there are some wallets left, including some very nice Ferragamo ones, but at about 30 % off. There is also a nice Ferragamo shoe selection at about half price.
  6. Thanks for posting.
  7. Thanks for the post...i've had an urge to get some more bags!