SAKS $25 off $100 Starting Jan 29th

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  1. I got a post card in the mail for $25 off $100 or more in store starting Jan 29th and online starting Jan 27th.. :woohoo:
  2. It is only for beauty product.
  3. Can someone please post their card or type what it says (like the exclusions, etc). Do you have to have the card to get $25 off $100?
  4. :bump:
  5. I don't have the card with me so I am typing this out on what I remembered. Please correct me if any of the info is incorrect.
    Take $25 off $100 Beauty purchases only.
    In store its from 1/29~1/31, yes you need the card. It has a bar code on it.
    Online starts two days early from 1/27. I think the code is BEAUTY09.
    The card said to use it with your Saks card so I'm not sure if it will only work if you paid with a Saks card.
  6. Awesome thanks!
  7. Yes, this is exactally what my card says! Im going to try to use my EGC with my purchase instead of my Saks card. Sorry my original post was so vague.. My card says the beauty code is 1 time use.
  8. Hmm, wonder if you can use once in the store and once online. I can't wait for this I love stocking up during events.
  9. if anyone has a code they're not using, i'd love one! (then again, so would lots of people... but i would too!)

    I wonder why i didn't get one, I have a saks card and i just bought a gucci with it, so it's "in use"... i'm going to check the mail again... :smile:
  10. my SA just called and told me about this as can get the discount with phone orders as well I am assuming since she told me to let her know if i wanted any cosmetics and shes a couple states away from me...
  11. do you know if it applies to perfume as well?
  12. weird question..wht happens if you want something from different counters -- like a blush from nars and then something from mac, etc. to total $100, would they let you ring it up together?
  13. :yes: I think they would. I don't see why not.
  14. The fine print says Beauty and Fragrance so yes! Its also double points! :yahoo:
  15. I've often thought of getting a saks card, but wasn't sure how well they are doing in these economic times. They seem to at least have some decent promotions such as this. Has your saks card been worth it for you? Our cc of choice is a mileage one from Bank of America worldpoints that we like.