Saks 2.55 update

  1. Hello! I just spoke to my SA, Delyse, at Saks. She was calling to let me know what's coming in in case I want to waitlist for anything. They are getting:
    jumbo classics (I'm unsure if caviar or lamb) in pink and a dark white, both with silver hardware ($2650)
    small size in silver ($2250)
    med size in gold & metallic purple ($2425)
    large in dark navy ($3495)
    I do not have a 2.55 and am not familiar with the sizes at all (226, 227?), so I hope the prices help.
    Her number is 248-808-0712 (cell) or 248-643-6000 (store number - ask for Chanel handbags). If you live somewhere outside of the states, you can email her at (there's an underscore between Delyse and mcallister) if the time difference makes it hard to reach her. I know quite a few people complain that when they waitlist they never get called. Delyse always calls, so I'd make sure you get her on the phone, not anyone else.
  2. Hm...those prices for the 2.55 reissues are different than the prices quoted by Chanel. I wonder if Saks is still quoting the old (2007) prices.
  3. I agree, looks like the old prices. Gosh, is no one getting the red metallic?:crybaby: I sure hope NM ordered it.
  4. Don't know. I know nothing about re-issues, sorry.
  5. Molly, here's an email I got from an SA at Neimans. I asked her for clarification 'cause I don't completely understand the difference between "metallic" and "crackled metallic" and I didn't even know that they were making both for S/S2008.

    Maybe the "metallic" bags are the classics and the "crackled metallics" are the reissues.:shrugs:

  6. Hm...that's interesting and confusing. :confused1: Keep me posted and let me know if she gives you any type of clarification.
  7. Good to know that NM is getting the red, cracked or not, I love that color! Thanks for posting this information.
  8. The large is listed as $3495 - is that really the '07 price?? :confused1::throwup:
  9. Thanks so much for the info, now I am confused with metallic and crackled metallic..... so the metallic black reissue that we had last season is considered as crackled or not??? hope someone can help.... TIA
  10. maybe crackles is the same as reissues material? like somewhat distressed?? can somebody post pics?
  11. That's my thought - crackled / distressed metallic leather
  12. I heard this same terminology from my SA at NM when I was getting my black metallic re-issue this season. She kept referring to "crackled," which I would ignore when we were talking and then go away and worry about later -- does she mean patent, etc.? I ended up with a beautifil black metallic reissue, so I concur that they may mean distressed metallic leather.
  13. I am drooling over the metallic purple reissue, is there any large size at $2850?
  14. Thanks for the update! I really wish these purses come before the next price increase!
  15. or i think the crackled lambskin is the one like caviar but softer? i think someone posted her bag with this material.