Saks 10% off Code

  1. New Saks 10% code-vaid through 6/1/07:
  2. thks!
  3. Awesome Hemlock!! Thank you.

    Do you know if it's valid one-time only? or can we use it until June 1st as many times as we want?! ;)
  4. Great code, thanks!!
  5. It's not working for me. Is there a minimum purchase on this one?
  6. I just used it around 11 am and it worked for me.
  7. Wonderful! Many thanks!
  8. I used a ten percent off code at Saks to get this great bargain: Theory Clarice Tote for about $250. See if there are anymore.

    By the way, there is going to be a third cut sale in ?Feb according to the salesperson I spoke to over the phone...
  9. Wish to have SAK's in Germany...:girlsigh:
  10. hmm now im with the person above me with the minimum purchase requirement. ill like to know. if anyone would happen to help plz
  11. I have $270 in my shopping bag and the code's not working for me, either :sad:
  12. This is all it said in my email message:
    You're invited to enjoy 10% off* your next order, now until Friday, June 1, 2007. Just enter promotional code: WELCOMBU82VC at checkout

    There wasn't a, if you are having problems I'd phone in the order.
  13. I just used the code this afternoon -- but I called in my order. I bought a darling pair of Burberry earmuffs. :shame: Shipping was free as well (I used my Saks card).
  14. Are you typing in an "E" in welcom(e) ? that might be it
  15. ive tried the code, and still get nothing, the same window frame comes up with nothing different, ive even tried to add the e in welcom and nothing.

    maybe there is a min. purchase requirement?
    i mean it IS a juicy... for less than $90. maybe this is why? ill like to order it by tonight though!