Saks 10% off code

  1. Save save save!

  2. wow, thanks Junion Mints, i am sure i will use it pretty soon :smile:
  3. Is there an expiration date?
  4. ya, when will it go to expire?
  5. i have no idea. sorry.
    i got it cause novem1106 didn't work for me so customer assistance gave me this one.
  6. Thanks so much! Just used it - no problem with it as of 01/04/2007.
  7. does that the code work on SALE items? oh my ive just ordered two Laundry by Shelli Seagal gowns...i couldve gotten extra off!!! sigh
  8. ^yes it works on sales items as well
  9. Thank you!
  10. Thanks so much for the Saks code!
  11. my pleasure!!!
  12. Thanks again for sharing Junior Mints!

    I was on the fence about a pair Prada driving mocs and the 10% code bumped me off: they are now pre-ordered for Spring :yes:
  13. Thanks! Just used it on a sale item!
  14. Thanks for sharing! shipping fee is high.
  15. Yes their fees are pretty high. Makes up for that extra 10% off huh?