Saks 10% off chanel included still?

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  1. Just wonder if you open saks card, can you still get a discount on chanel???!!!! I have been told it's no longer that way since end of last year (2018) but I just talked to a SA and she said absolutely and even gave me an email to confirm. However I talked to saks customer service and they said they can't give any discount on chsnel. I'm not sure who is right!
    Or is it entirely up to the store's discretion?
  2. I believe it depends on the location. Some Chanel stores in Saks are lease so they will not participate in any Saks promotion. Hope this help! If you need a great SA (non-lease location), you can DM me for her contact. :flowers:
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  3. Can you explain what a lease Chanel store is?
  4. A lease store is owned by Chanel they are just leasing/ renting the space from Saks. The merchandise is owned by Chanel and not Saks and the SA's work for chanel not saks. All Chanel location inside Saks will eventually become leased.
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  5. Thanks for the explanation!
  6. It depends on location. I just purchased a bag at the Saks in Phoenix in March and got the 10% off when I opened my card. But as has already been said, it will be going away as the locations change over to leased.
  7. Could you please share the SA details to me.
  8. Looking for a nice Saks SA from a non-leased store to purchase a classic flap. Any lady here is able to introduce a SA to me? Many thanks!!!!
  9. Hi, I am also looking for a Saks SA from a non-leases store. Just DM you :smile: Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know which locations are non-leased?
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  11. I want to know which Saks have chanel
  12. I got my purse from Lindsey at Saks Phoenix. It’s non leased. She’s super nice. Tell her Christi sent you.
  13. +1
  14. I was able to get my first Chanel purchase, a wallet on chain, 10% off when my husband opened a new Saks MasterCard last month. We bought the WOC at the Bala Cynwyd location.
  15. This location is non-leased, that's why it still applied. Glad you were able to get the 10%. :smile: