Saks 1-day sale, tomorrow 11/21

  1. My SA just called me, tomorrow Saks is going to do a 1-day sale on top of the triple-point event that they are already doing (I believe some one already posted about the triple point).

    This is basically the after-thanksgiving sale that they usually have, 30-40% off with a few exclusions.

    Happy hunting.
  2. I do have a Saks close by...Thanks so much for the tip!
  3. is Chanel on sale too ?
  4. All these sales are killing my wallet. LOL Thanks for the info.
  5. Same here! I have already broken my "don't buy for yourself between October and December" rule twice thus far.

    Darn you purse forum!

    J/k - Thanks for the deals! I have saved more than I would by switching to Geico and calling 1-800-COLLECT combined!
  6. i called Saks in Chicago, and the SA in handbags said they only have triple points events....
  7. Chanel bags definitely will be one of those "few exclusions". Chanel bags do not go on sale until January, and then only selected pieces.

    Chanel apparel and shoes are included I think.
  8. thanks for the info! Do you know when they are having the sale in janurary ???
  9. SF store- Chanel/Gucci/Prada/Louboutin not included.
  10. do you need a coupon? is everything on sale with those exclusions?
  11. 1 day online sale is up now
  12. the thing i got in the mail said it was men's and louis vuitton is excluded too. i was going there tonight anyway...
  13. Has anybody gone to the store yet to see what's on sale there?
  14. No, but I bought a bag online. Shame on me! ;)
  15. just got back from saks nyc - lots of clothes on sale, from ultra designer brands to young designers. 40% too were on sale, including selected styles from louboutin to jimmy choo.

    bags - no mj, ysl, jimmy choo, chloe etc were on sale.