Saint-Moritz reveal !

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  1. Who's there? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397915370.907631.jpg
  2. Me! :biggrin:
  3. waiting...
  4. me!!! :smile:
  5. Ready
  6. Me!
  7. im here
  8. :smile:
  9. So I went for two days in saint-moritz and maybe some of you remember that I was torn between some bags but I finally made my choice.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397917260.131157.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397917277.569405.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397917291.825704.jpg

    Any guess?
  10. Here's a hint ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397918131.671107.jpg
  11. Very pretty, empreinte speedy!
  12. emp Montaigne?
  13. I wanted one... Still thinking about it.
  14. Here is my new baby speedy empreinte 25 in Infini !!!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397918880.972739.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397918900.383449.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397918917.205003.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397918937.039155.jpg

    Sorry for the very low quality of the pictures!!
  15. Beautiful! Congrats!