Saint Louis, Missouri

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  1. Hey there!

    anyone of you ladies who has ever been to st.louis, missouri? Do you have advice regarding the best places to shop/eat/sightseeing etc.? I'm also interested in national parcs or any other places in missouri to see beautiful lakes, forests, landscapes to take great pictures. :smile:

    Thank you very much :flowers:
  2. The Oazrk mountains in western MO are beautiful, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing color. But, that's all the way across the state from St. Louis.

    In St. Louis, a trip up the Gateway Arch is a must. Unless you are afraid of heights, the views are really awesome. A tour of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery is is fun...and you get beer at the end of the tour. Forest Park is really nice. It has walking paths, ponds, and a couple of museums. There is a zoo and botanical garden, but I never went to those. A trip to Lafayette Square is also a must.
  3. for shopping, hit up frontenac!! saks, neimans, louis, tiffanys...nice place :smile:
  4. SO is from STL so we go there a lot...I'm not a big fan but there is a lot to do. You've got a bunch of good tips above. Definitely do the brewery tour---I liked that. And the arch is fun--but if you're scared of heights don't do it on a windy day! There is a restaurant downtown called the Milennium. It is at the top of a hotel (I think) and it spins very slowly while you eat. Go there for dinner---you get beautiful views of the entire city, and the food isn't bad.

    Frontenac is the only decent shopping. Skip the galleria, it sucks. The zoo is good (really neat penguin exhibit), and it's free. In fact, I'm pretty sure, the museums are all free too. The botanical gardens are beautiful and worth going too also.
  5. I was in STL in May for a wedding. We went to the zoo, Grants Farm (2 free beers in the beer garden), and the anheuser-bush tour. Oh for good Italian food go to The Hill YUMMY YUMMY food.

    We didn't make it to the arch but that's okay I'm afraid of heights.
  6. Thank you :flowers: I might have the opportunity to go to University in St.Louis for a few months. I've been to the East and West Coast many times and I would be really excited about going somewhere completely different.

    Any advice regarding the nightlife in st.louis?
  7. Can anyone maybe recommend nice hotels in St.Louis? My mom will come with me when I move for college and stay for 5 days. I am looking for something that is not too expensive but in a safe area and clean!
  8. I like the Arch and the zoo. I haven't been there in a long time though.
  9. I've always stayed at the's right downtown and the rooms are large. The only catch is that it is right downtown, so you have to be careful, if you go a few blocks away you can end up in some rough areas, but you are close to the nightlife.

    SLU has a gorgeous campus! There are some really fun bars right across the street from the campus that I always loved. You can also go more downtown to soulard where there are a lot of great bars/clubs. If you're going to go to SLU you'll love it. It's a great school and a lot of fun.

    Oh, there is a little italian restaurant across the street from the SLU campus (I forget what it is called) but you should definitely take your mom there. It's SO good and they had the best bread! It's on the east side of the campus and I believe just north of the campus, but it was so good!
  10. Thank you so much! I'm actually attending Webster University but I have a friend at SLU so I'll be hanging out there too. :smile:
  11. Bumping / I will be in St. Louis in November so hoping for restaurant and bar recommendations. We are staying at the moonrise.