Saint Laurent YSL Vicky Bag

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  1. Hi guys what do you think of the new YSL Vicky Bag? Do you like the vertical quilting?

    Actress Amber Heard was recently seen wearing it.
    B519C430-7B41-4FA6-A595-CB529ED1F944.jpeg 6B24B776-BA41-4674-85B5-2B91877110F9.jpeg 76FC3B70-4628-4B8F-9114-37BCD0294AA8.jpeg C66A5A6A-E942-49DF-A898-95C8E37BFD6C.jpeg
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  2. Pretty bag! I like the vertical quilting, it’s different in a good way. The chain is nice too. Reminds me an awful lot of the Lou Lou but with vertical quilting. Will be interesting to see if it becomes popular!
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  3. Yeah I thought I might start the thread to see how popular it gets. The chain was quite chunky when I tried it on and a bit long when I wore it on my shoulder, but I’m very short though around 5’0.
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  5. I like that a lot! It has a casual, yet sophisticated look
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  6. She's been wearing that bag nonstop! For some reason, I'm leaning more toward the sulpice style of new bags as it seems more unique. But, I'm loving her SL Joplin boots from the new season :drool:
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  7. Sulpice is a nice bag too. Gorgeous photo thanks for sharing. I love the YSL Vicky bag on her. She looks perfect with everything. The boots are heaven too. She’s just gorgeous.
  8. Amber Heard carrying her YSL Vicky Bag.
    CEA38900-3F1F-4BC4-B82A-C8B075A22A92.jpeg 73827E2E-08E2-4D5C-AEA0-D0ED531AF3EA.jpeg
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  9. I saw the patent Vicky in the window and had to check it out because it's gorgeous but I was surprised when I picked it up that it has a long chain... I thought it was a top handle bag. For such a large bag, the long chain confuses me. I wish they made the large one with a top handle and optional shoulder strap. It would've been perfect.
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  10. Exactly what I was thinking! It would have looked amazing with a top handle and shorter chain strap.
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  11. Luv this pic of Kaia modeling it
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  12. Wow it looks absolutely Stunning! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  13. Just recently saw this and I love it. Although I have a preference for the chevron design. Will be on my wishlist!
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  14. Pretty! But I might prefer some of the other styles over this one (my wallet is relieved). Thanks for posting!
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