Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. Totally agree! I’ve worn mine with jeans and boots...and dressed up for looks awesome with everything! Also, using it cross body gives it a completely different look.
  2. I ordered the medium size. I think I was looking to wear this as a crossbody and it can be done, but the strap is a bit shorter than the other bags.
  3. Hi! Congrats on your beautiful bag! I think if you are on the fence, you should probably return it. These bags are expensive and I feel like you should be in love and super smiley about owning it. Obviously, that’s just my opinion, but if your not 97% satisfied then you should put the money towards a bag you will look forward to using [emoji164][emoji164]
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  4. I got the larger size in black tulip (exactly as in the pic below)
    saint-laurent-taschen-new-season-tasche-large-niki-monogram-black-tulip-1493063401512_grande.jpg As I plan to primarily wear it single strap, I find it most most chic when when the strap is pulled long from the front as in these pics
    D7CB789B-D77D-47B4-9F0D-A42C383B70E0.jpeg 9EE2BD55-E6EA-4647-9665-67E2A15E9E2C.jpeg
    ...than when it's pulled long from the back which makes it look more boxy and less flattering BE0F2D9D-B1C6-4E85-8DD0-9240245FC131.jpeg
    Since I plan to wear it single strap my main concern was that it still feel comfortable on the shoulder when filled to some extent (as I ended up selling a similar color, size and style Chanel elastic maxi years ago that I otherwise loved as it was very uncomfortable in this manner). Since this one has the leather at the top of the strap (as opposed to all chain), I'm hoping that resolve any comfort issues.

    Otherwise, I absolutely love the black tulip color...and even picked up a quilted Lou camera bag in the same color!
  5. The black tulip color is just beautiful! Congrats on scoring two bags in this cool color :flowers:
  6. Thanks!

    By the way, Farfetch currently has one more of the black tulip Niki:

    Their pics (and mislabeling) are not doing the bag any favors though. I wavered on the bag for days before I finally googled the YSL style code and color and came across the listing on the Anita Hass site that better depicts it.

    However, I did order from the same Farfetch listing. Mine came from a different boutique in Germany....the one currently available looks like it's coming from Spain.
  7. Wow, it’s totally mislabeled! How strange and definitely not doing it any favors! Hopefully a fellow tpf member who is in the market for this bag/color combo will see your post and be able to get one of these lovelies :smile:
  8. Mine (the cognac) was mislabeled on Farfetch as well.
  9. Farfetch is notorious for all sorts of labeling snafus. Makes it hard to work out exactly what they're selling sometimes. A small is labeled a medium, the medium is also labeled a medium, the large won't have any designation at all. It can take some patience.
  10. For those who have this or another crinkly calf skin- how well does it hold up? It seems a bit tissue paper like. I want to have this as an everyday bag not have to really baby it
  11. It believe it's the vintage look that perhaps makes you think it's tissue paper like, but the leather on the bag actually has a nice thickness.

    I took mine out for the first time today, I don't see any reason why I'd have to baby it. Granted, I won't technically be wearing it everyday, as I have a variety of bags I rotate given what I'm wearing or carrying, but I don't see any reason why it couldn't be used everyday without issue.
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  12. I’ve attached some real life reference pics of the large Niki in black tulip if anyone’s interested.

    Front: love the vintage look of the leather and how the YSL logo blends in front.jpg
    Back pocket: big enough to fit a larger IPAD; also has hidden magnets at the top to secure the smaller items you may place in there back.jpg

    Interior: has two compartments-(i) a large back compartment that will fit up to a 12 in laptop (the one pictured is 11 inch…but I also tried a 12 inch); that compartment also has two pockets, a large zippered pocket at the back and a smaller slit/open pocket in the front and (ii) a smaller nice sized front compartment. interior.jpg empty.jpg

    Overall a very nice bag for the price. I usually avoid paying retail, but this one seems to pack a lot of bang for the buck given its size and functionality (so paying retail is more justifiable for me than say a medium College/Kate which are around the same price but much smaller). There also seems to be limited availability for this style given the high demand….so who knows if they’ll even still be available come sale season
  13. Thanks :smile:

    I do have a lot of other bags to rotate in but I tend to have one that is the more day to day use. It ripples the top layer. Is yours like that?
  14. IMG_1520532627.941180.jpg IMG_1520532652.911476.jpg

    Here she is....
  15. The BLACK TULIP is a gorgeous alternative to BLACK! Congrats on your gorgeous new bag. I’m considering this, but will try to see one IRL before purchasing. [emoji171][emoji171]
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