Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. I think the baby looks better crossbody and the medium looks better on shoulder. So it depends how do you plan to wear it most!
  2. Love this color. I ended up getting this color as well.
  3. What was the price? Genuine croc will be significantly more, like in the tens of thousands
  4. I absolutely love the way it looks with the insert inside. Where did you buy yours from?

  5. Sorry for the delayed response! Mine does not have an inside zipper either, and I think mine was a new color when I bought it in the summer.
  6. Can you post a pic of your metallic brown Niki please? I'm wondering how shiny and metallic it really looks! Thanks very much!
  7. I love the color of this bag! I wore it with soft gold sandals all summer, but it would easily go with other metallics.

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  8. Thanks so very much! Beautiful!
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  9. Just want to share my recent purchase. I am never a black bag girl but this one just caught me from the first glance! IMG20191101101206.jpg
  10. Hello ladies,
    Has anybody purchased YSL Niki in Japan?
  11. Also :smile: Has anybody tried fitting a laptop in the large Niki? :smile:
  12. I actually switched it for the all black! The green color is indeed beautiful, I think it was more the age silver hardware that I had trouble working into my wardrobe. I want this to be a hard working bad weather sort of bag that I can thrown on anything so the black chain is easier!
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  13. My friend actually did the same!! Same rational. I have never been one to match my bag with my clothes, and just grab whatever bag I'm feeling like at the time. I love both, but had to have the green!
  14. Hi, I just ordered the light natural niki. Have you had any issues with denim transfer?
  15. This helps so much! Would you happen to have a picture or would mind posting a picture of you wearing both side by side? Pretty please!

    I just wanted to thank all the ladies on this thread. I have been contemplating on which to get (Chanel Jumbo Flap and YSL Niki Medium or Large) and these posts gave me the push I needed. Current Jumbo is rings in at 6.7K + tax and I don’t know if I’m willing to spend that much but really am so tempted... Then I stumbled into the Niki and I could not stop thinking about her!!!
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