Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post in Saint Laurent’s forum. However,I am very familiar with the other forum.
    I recently was shown to a Niki crocodile bag- real crocodile- not embossed / in Saint Laurent store. I liked it. however, it was big for me. So I came home did some research but I found nothing on their website about this crocodile bag.
    Could someone have more info about it please share with me. Do they need to be baby? My purpose is for traveling. What size they have? Anything I should be careful about when bringing it oversea?
    Thank you in advance. If someone else already ask the same questions please redirect me to that post. If I post in the wrong place please redirect...
    I have included the picture that I took in the store.
    Thank you everyone. This will be my first YSL bag.

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  2. Hi are you sure it’s real crocodile or crocodile print embossed leather? If it’s embossed leather it will be very durable and great for everyday. :smile:
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  3. The SA said it is not the crocodile print embossed. :smile:
  4. Thank you!! I'm absolutely loving it, such a great everyday bag. The smog is so beautiful and after getting the medium, I'm actually more tempted to get the smog in baby now! Also, the color I got is actually light natural, which seems to be a little darker than the blanc vintage.
  5. hi
    is the first picture Smog?
    they look different
    or is it just the lighting
  6. Hi, nope! It's the light natural, but agree that the lighting does make it look a bit grey-ish.
  7. Thanks for clarifying. Wow, the colors sure look different irl than on the ysl website...the light natural looks so taupe on the website but great in your pics.
  8. any body here has the niki body bag? love the size and shape but wants to hear first hand from owners? thanks
  9. It looks more embossed than croc In the pic? What was the price?
  10. 10 thousands
  11. Hi, no advice yet, but I am in the same boat: just got the matte black croc with black HW and am second guessing myself... should I exchange for the vintage crinkle leather one, which version wears better with time etc.
  12. Okay, so it is croc :P. It just looks so soft in the pic...
    In my view croc is quite resilient, but of course it won’t be the same that the aged leather look, which makes this bag a beat around bag you don’t have to worry about. Personally, I prefer croc in a different type of bag.
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  13. I just got the niki bag and it felt pretty lightweight until I filled it up w my essentials which isn’t even a lot. For those that have this in the medium size do you find it heavy because of the chain I’m debating returning it because of the Weight. I have a back issue and I wanted a cross body bag that wasn’t heavy.
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  14. I have the baby (small) size and it’s the most perfect crossbody ever. I felt the medium Niki was also too big and didn’t have the same edgy look as the small. I have a reissue 227 which is larger than the medium Niki but much lighter. Maybe try on the small and see if it could work for you. Don’t give up on her though—Niki has become my most-loved bag.
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  15. Thanks for responding. What can u fit in the small niki ? I can’t find any site that has a black small niki except for farfetch. No dept stores seem to carry the baby size which is wierd.
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