Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. Auww I’m so excited for you.
    Please do share pic and your thoughts on the bag when you get them❤️
  2. I've got this color grey and love it.
    The Niki is really a great bag !!!
  3. Which grey did you get? Would love to see pictures. :smile:
  4. I love my medium Niki in Faggio (I think it means beech tree) . It’s so light weight. I really want one in Blanc vintage too, but I am on a bag ban <<cries>>. I am 5’3” (160 cm). I look so short in these mod shots! I usually wear heels to balance it out, but I’m just at home cleaning today. The bag measures 11” wide x 8 1/2 tall (28 cm x 21.5 cm).

    C74C35F1-557D-44CD-BC5C-30586D06E359.jpeg E40AC37C-3503-48E1-ACB7-4A6955667EF3.jpeg
    01404801-F3DC-4C5B-98EB-79B89BDF4A7E.jpeg 2F219BC2-1228-4BA2-AB37-E94EF47E811B.jpeg

    WANT the Blanc vintage below:
  5. Looks absolutely fantastic! Love that you went for something other than black. It’s more unique but still very neutral.
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  6. Thank you, Miss World. I think it does look a little bit big crossbody but I don’t usually wear my bags crossbody. I really like the color for this bag too!
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    Long time to choose one.

    My first YSL

    Finally I'm buying the Niki Black in medium size today in Paris ♡

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  8. I'm using a bag organizer in strong material for my bag with loose material or form like :
    Ysl niki / Goyard shopper / Louis Vuitton neverfull & Speedy / Alexander wang Rocco

    And the look of bag is more structured ! Look great

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  9. This is look like with my organizer bag inside.

    Look more structured and not loose, more easy to find you stuff inside.

    And this is my first look with Niki bag ^^

    And sorry for my English I'm from Paris

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  10. Your outfit is stunning!! Thank you for sharing your photos. I prefer my Niki bag to have sag, personally. I only carry a few SLG’s so it is easy to find things in the bag. I feel like from my perspective, this bag is meant to be slouchy versus structured. But yours looks fantastic on you!

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  11. Is your Niki the medium or the large? Can you please tell me how tall you are? You have legs for days! (In English, that means you have long legs!)

  12. Oh thank you for you nice messages and explication ^^ I don't know this expression :smile:

    Is medium size (28cm)

    I'm 170cm
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