Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. Hi I believe this is Patent Lambskin. The patent makes it structured whilst the lambskin makes it relaxed and not too stiff looking.

    @highend A member on the purse forum has this exact bag. She might be able to give you a review. You can see pictures of her bag on page 27 of this thread. :smile:
  2. Thank you for the information....I will take a look.
  3. Niki is one of my favourite and most used bags, so I am thinking of getting another one, however, as long as I already have it in medium size, the second one is going to be either large or baby. The colour that I am CRAVING for is black tulip, but unfortunately it is not available anymore. I've seen black tulip Niki in medium size approximately year ago at the boutique, but I have no idea whether it came in other sizes or not. Does anybody know if Saint Laurent has ever made large or baby Niki in black tulip? If yes, I will try to find it via resellers. Otherwise, I think I'll go with black.
    I also thought that rouge legion might be a good alternative to black tulip, but I've only seen it in photos, so still not sure about it...
  4. Just received my second Niki - this one in beige from theRealReal. So, I'm traveling to England next week for work and I want to take one of these with me. Do I go with the black non-quilted or the beige quilted? Also wondering how these bags hold up in a rain shower. I don't ever deliberately expose them to a downpour, but they need to be able to withstand a few raindrops here and there. Thoughts?
  5. Hi, what colour is your current Medium Niki? I have black Medium Niki and love it because it’s so carefree and practical. However I’m thinking of getting the Large because I do find myself needing more room from time to time. The Medium and Large Niki did come in Black Tulip which is my favourite colour but sadly I missed out. :sad:
  6. England is prone to rain but the texture of the bag means the rain kind of just drips or wipes off. I think you’d be okay with carrying the beige. I would be more worried about colour transfer from clothes or dirt public transport. The black is always safe, but I think beige would be fine. Can we see a picture of your new beauty :smile:
  7. My medium Niki is taupe. It's such a versatile and nice color, but it's still a light shade and often gets stains, from denim especially. However, it's unbelievably easy to remove the stains. It's been almost a year after I bought my Niki and looks absolutely perfect.
    Anyway, I would love to have this model in darker shade as well. Among current colours black is definitely my favourite.
  8. Here they are! AFFE15D2-A152-44B2-BAED-7851B6A032F8.jpeg
  9. Taupe is a great color, such a great neutral. I l might get another Medium Niki in Storm Grey or the Large in Black. Black just looks so edgy and goes with absolutely everything.
  10. Gorgeous! :love: Niki is so fabulous and I can understand why people buy multiples of the same style. It’s durable, stylish and practical. I want grey or maybe rouge legion.
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  11. What do you guys think of the new grey colour called Dark Smog? It is a dark grey with slight blue undertones. It is darker than Fog and Storm grey.

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  12. What method are you using to remove color transfer stains? Asking before I start using my beige Niki.
  13. Hi ladies
    Just got my Niki bag! I was so excited until I saw this... Is this normal? It appears to be some scratches on the logo. Should I exchange? What to do?

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  14. I personally think yours looks fine. The Logo is leather coated and it will show markings but will also blend in eventually. Of course if you are really unhappy exchange it :smile: However your bag is beautiful. Is it Medium?
  15. It's pretty. I'm prone to the warmer and slightly lighter greys myself. If you have the black already, maybe the rouge legion would provide more variety? Both are beautiful bags, though.