Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. I don't have the small Niki, but the medium in black and I have not switched my bags since I got almost a month ago. I usually switch bags every 2-3 days, but this bag is so functional and not heavy at all. I cannot believe this bag is not more popular. It is so well organized inside and so beautiful on the outside. I am definitely going to be checking on the small!
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  2. Just can’t decide between YSL niki “storm” color or balenciaga city edge gris acier small i am afraid that the distress leather will get boring on ysl niki but i am looking for something classy and lightweight
  3. I have balenciaga city classsic in gris fossile, but I plan on buying a niki medium in storm soon. Balenciaga is definitely my everyday bag, but I love the chain on niki. People told me that the glazed leather on niki won't get boring at all. I personally find balenciaga more casual... Sorry maybe this doesn't help.
  4. My bag arrived today (large in black with silver hw) from Mytheresa, there was some glue residue on the front of the bag but I cleaned it off quite easily.

    This may be a really stupid question, but are the chains on the bag meant to look this tarnished? I can't tell if they are supposed to from other pictures. Please help! :smile:

  5. Yes. That is the look. Enjoy the bag!
  6. Yep. Brushed metal look. Do u find the chains heavy?
  7. Hahaaa ikr! Does your balenciaga hurt your shoulder when you wear it all day? I’ve never tried a balenciaga irl but i heard that it’s kinda heavy.. and maybe niki is more lightweight? Have you tried a niki before? Thanks:biggrin:
  8. Hellooo :] does your balenciaga S hurt your shoulder when you wear it all day? I am in a though decision between balenciaga Met edge S n medium niki all black/storm

    I need something lightweight, casual but not too casual ( i mean losing the luxury feels of the bag)
    And iam a lil bit worry that the crinkled look in niki will get boring and i’ve always love the gold hardware on balenciaga

    Thanksss :biggrin:
  9. Thank you!

    Thanks a lot! The chains aren't as heavy as they look, but they're quite substantial, more so than the chains on my small loulou.

    Hey! I have the metallic edge too, but the all black hardware version. Without delving too much as this is the Saint Laurent section, I think the ME version is slightly heavier than the equivalent lambskin Cities because of the hardware. However in saying that, because it's the Small version I can't really put too much in there for it to feel that heavy. On a regular day I have my card holder, LV key pouch with car & house keys, a small pouch for misc. items and a small water bottle and it's honestly not that heavy or noticeable for me. Hope that helps, feel free to PM me if you have any questions :smile:
  10. Thankssssss
  11. As many wonder how the bag wears, I figured I'd post a condition update as the 1 year anniversary for my large Black Tulip recently passed
    20190309_095809.jpg 20190309_095750.jpg 20190309_095723.jpg 20190309_095705.jpg 20190309_095643.jpg
    ...still looks great IMO and not seeing any issues of concern:tup:

  12. Thanks for the update @highend !

    I received my large niki in black this week but I'm in two minds. It's a gorgeous bag but I'm just not sure that it suits me. I'm in two minds and thinking of returning it :sad:
  13. Just got mine in Navy :smile:

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  14. I have just ordered this bag and wondered if anyone had any experience they could share about wear on the leather? It’s matte croc embossed leather. I love the look but not sure if I’d be better with the more patent finish?

    Any advice appreciated!!!

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