Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. IMG_7107.JPG

    I’ve joined the bandwagon of owning the small Niki! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Lightweight, functional and versatile!
  2. It’s gorgeous! Congratulations! Can you show mod shots please as a shoulder bag and crossbody?
  3. IMG_4304.JPG

    This is the only mod shot I have.
  4. Gorgeous color!!!!
  5. So pretty! Congratulations!
  6. It looks great! Thank you for the mod shot [emoji3]
  7. Thank you [emoji173]️ Love this bag!
  8. No problem! This bag is worth it!
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  9. Wish they have it in other colors but this was the only one that wasn’t muted [emoji38]
  10. Just ordered the large Niki in black! I couldn't resist thanks to everyone's lovely pics here, oops :biggrin:

    I'm a bit worried that it might be too large for my short frame, but while I love the medium it has similar dimensions to my Balenciaga City S and I wanted something that would fit a little more, but isn't as large as my current every day bag, the YSL Shopping tote.

    Now to wait patiently until it ships... :nuts:
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  11. What fits inside the bag?
  12. What doesn’t ....I am not sure about this size but the medium fits everything. My iPad Pro, Hermes pouch, wallet, two phones etc etc and isn’t heavy imo. Love this bag so much
  13. I have the medium Niki. I was asking what fits inside the BABY Niki.
  14. My bad
  15. No worries [emoji3]
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