Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. I just bought my Niki and I’m worried too! I never heard of a bag with leather peeling:sad:
    If this is the norm, that can’t be good for their business. I bought mine from Saks, so hopefully if it peels they will take it back or repair it.
    I love that shopping tote, and was considering getting it. Did it arrive peeled? Or was it after any use?
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  2. I think I am going to buy my Niki today
    With the shopper tote the corners started peeling after 1 month so net a porter replaced it and the second bag started peeling within a week so I told them I didn't want a 3rd one they gave me a credit note which I will be using to purchase the Niki but I just do not want the same thing happening to the niki
  3. Wow! That is so strange! I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope the Niki works out. I love the style and the leather.
  4. Re: Picture of the girl with grey scarf and grey sweater. Can someone please tell me if this is the baby or the medium size? Thanks!
  5. Does the hardware on the Niki chip easily? It seems just the logo is black and the straps are like ruthenium finish?
  6. No
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  7. Medium
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  8. I recently purchased the Niki medium in black vintage leather, and I have to say I am in love with it. This is my first YSL bag as I am typically a LV and Chanel girl. However this bag is so functional and easy to use and wear, that I may end up buying the small size in another color. The medium fits a ton, but it never feels too heavy. The small would be a great size when I don't need to carry everything with me. I think this would make a very chic "mom" bag too because it has so many kids are older now, but I would have loved to have this bag when they were younger. Super cute & functional!
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  9. Got a question about the weight of the medium size. Doesn't the chain on the medium one feel too heavy? I am still torn between medium and baby... The baby one is small, but the chain is thin and lighter, so I just can't decide!!
  10. I do not find the chain heavy at all. I sold my Gucci Dionysus because I found the chain on that bag too heavy and uncomfortable. I walked around Vegas the other day all day with it and I found it very comfortable. I did not have it filled up, just with "normal" purse items. I hope that helps.
  11. Thanks!! That helps a lot.
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  12. I have the Medium Niki and it’s not heavy at all. This is one of my favorite bags and the back pocket is perfect to throw my phone in.
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  13. Then I'll go for the medium! Thanks :smile:
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  14. I just ordered the tote this I'm scared. :oh:
  15. I am thinking of getting the taupe color - still loving it?
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