Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. Keep whichever looks best on YOU.

    For me it was the patent croc....for you/others it may be the classic... or neither.
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  2. My DH’s Bday present!! I’m so in love It’s the medium size in green.

  3. Hi! I’m in love with both those bags! When u say the German boutique sourced your black tulip one, do u mean u told them u were looking for that colour? I received a brown one , from a German boutique off Farfetch, but it’s my fault because I thought it was black tulip .. Cannot find either of these bags anywhere!
  4. Unfortunately it was brown, not black tulip, so my hunt continues!
  5. They both shipped through farfetch from Andrea Köerber. I didn't special order them or anything, it was moreso a coincidence that they happened to offer 2 items I wanted several months apart.

    When looking for specific colors, I find it's best to match the color code (if provided in the listing). Black tulip is 6051. The Niki was only available in medium in that color in the US. Thankfully, we have farfetch to source non-US items, so I was able to get it in the large.

    There was at least one different farfetch boutique that also carrried the large at that time....but of course that was months ago.

    However, I suspect that color may now be out of production as many of the bags that went on sale during this season's SL sale online and at their boutiques were black tulip.
  6. Thanks so very much! The large brown one I mistakenly ordered was from that store too.. I shall have to be more persistent and frequent in my search! I'm in Canada, and the Black Tulip never shows up on the YSL site (which is pricier than Farfetch or Matches).
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  7. I’m in! I had my heart set on the black with black HW but was not really expecting to find it, but I stumbled on the last one in the Saint Laurent boutique today! I’ve been looking for the perfect everyday bag that I can also take traveling and I hope this is it! [​IMG][​IMG]
  8. Love it! :heart: :heart: I just sold my Niki with silver hardware for the Niki with black hardware just like yours!! I got lucky - a really nice SA at Saks tracked one down for me. You were lucky to find one too, it sounds like! Congratulations :flowers: We are bag twins :biggrin:
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  9. Hi ladies, I'm new in TPF. And I'm dying to get the YSL Niki in Medium - Black with Silver HW. I can' t seem to convince myself to buy it, I don't know why
  10. Omg amazing!!! Yes I remember you were debating this. Personally I think the black HW makes the bag! Love it!
  11. I completely agree!!
  12. beautiful! is this the vintage leather? and is this large size?
  13. It is the vintage leather but it’s the medium size. The large does not come in black HW as of yet.
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  14. Try it on and see how it looks. Personally I think the bag is very practical and the leather is low maintenance but beautiful.
  15. I've tried it and love it so much! Does anyone have any regrets buying it? Would it be good for an everyday bag/work bag?