Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  3. It’s stunning!! The black hardware looks amazing! You are so lucky to have tracked this beauty down. I absolutely LOVE it :heart: Congrats and enjoy your lovely new Niki :flowers:
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  5. Thank you so so much!
  6. I think I have you to thank ! Maybe we should have a purse meet and greet if anyone is local! Honestly though- Thank you for helping me track this down I’m just sort of figuring out the intricacies of utilizing this site so I apologize if I replied to the wrong person or reply in the form of a post.
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  7. Thank you!!!!!! It’s freaking beautiful and so fun and versatile
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    Truthfully I at first loved the silver but I have a the original large (red) Gucci Dio with a significant silver chain. And a few Chanels with metal chains (gold/silver etc) And then suddenly I just saw every single person with the bag with the silver chain and it became boring to me like (personal preference) I said I saw that one woman with a black hardware and I thought -“oh maybe it’s fake ?” but then I started to do some research and I realized it wasn’t but I was having quite a difficult time tracking it down. But then again I just came down to like what I want to use the bag for this is going to be my new every day bag/translating into evening bag also I am really into a gold phase right now with my jewelry and I liked that the Black in no way would compete with my yellow ghetto Gold obsession ( Not that that really matters anymore ) I think for me personally the black on black was a completely different bag so many bags have a silver chain or and obviously metal chain that this made this bag even more special to me the fact that it was black , super rock ‘n’ roll and super bad ass I adore it. Sorry if there are typos I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine good luck to you and post photos of your bag regardless and I will do the same!
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  9. Sugartears- congrats on the bag !! It’s gorgeous !! I was recently intrigued by this bag as well and with the black hardware. Can I ask
    How tall are you? And the bag you bought us the medium size ? Any more modeling pics ?

  10. Hi,

    I love the black Niki with black hw! I probably will get it for my next bag later this year. Is there any problem with chipping of the hardware?
  11. Thanks for the reply! This makes perfect sense to me. I also originally loved the silver and bought this bag with the silver hardware, but have since become really drawn to black hardware. Before I knew the Niki was available with black hardware, I was eyeing the loulou until I tried it and found out it’s too short to wear crossbody. I do absolutely love the Niki bag and think the black hardware is the one I really want. The black hardware does make it look special! Decisions, decisions. Now I need a glsss of wine :smile: And I’d love to see more photos of your beautiful bag!
  12. Can the medium be worn crossbody? How about the small?
  13. [​IMG]

    I need some help. Which one should I keep?