Saint Laurent YSL Lou Lou bags

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    Hi guys I’ve recently tried on the YSL Lou Lou bags in different sizes and I fell in love. I thought I’d start a thread to ask any questions about the LouLou bag collection.

    Add your bags, any photos, mod shots and any questions here about the Lou Lou bags. :smile:
  2. Caroline Daur carrying the beautiful YSL Lou Lou bag in Medium size. She is very slim but the big bag looks so stunning on her.
    7526C1FC-A370-4D7C-9238-64637AE0F583.jpeg CF35920F-81DD-4C44-AC71-2C8DF48EE2BA.jpeg FA618BF7-F900-46EF-A366-8ADA3AC75540.jpeg 54E83B18-42AE-4911-9CA5-92A1EBE98ED7.jpeg
  3. The Lou Lou collection on display at Saint Laurent boutique.
    86158C22-5E55-42A7-85DA-7E3FFC4A0997.jpeg 9476684B-4B21-4C29-856A-51E9C040B588.jpeg
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  4. Some mod shots of the YSL Lou Lou Medium found online.
    4F9392F9-9F7F-4195-A8EA-096CD249410F.jpeg 58A6E508-3FCE-4A77-9D05-398DB1F3854C.jpeg 51E83A27-6DF1-4632-9FE4-3FD7B415AD10.jpeg
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  5. Jerusha Review of Medium YSL LouLou Bag

  6. Model Lily Aldridge wearing the Large LouLou Y quilted shopping bag tote in black.
  7. Khloe Kardashian with Lou Lou backpack
  8. More photos of the LouLou bag
    17A82CCC-8742-49E9-A457-CF508CDB20B8.jpeg 91F9E9DE-1C4E-4210-B9F6-29FF5683B435.jpeg 53363F79-A5D7-441D-B91C-4B99E011D300.jpeg
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  9. More photos of the LouLou Medium bag worn by a European model.
    13C6DB1E-B72B-41F9-9C87-BE5FC3E5EBB2.jpeg 63AB52CF-AA7C-4C43-9DB1-2D71C7F81E78.jpeg D31438E8-7CAB-4642-9BBC-4738FE649A0C.jpeg
  10. THREAD UPDATE sorry even after searching I didn’t seem to be able to find the original YSL Loulou thread. Apologies
  11. Love this!!!
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