Saint Laurent YSL lou camera or toy lou lou??

  1. The tassle is way too long in my opinion. Is it adjustable in lenght?
  2. You can kind of even out the tassel and the other end with the metal logo which shortens it.
  3. Lol personally, i dont even notice it. I think it adds some character to an otherwise boring rectangle bag. :biggrin: But i know some women in here are put off by how the tassel is longer than the bag. Lol
  4. Yes, that’s it! It’s just how long it is. I like the tassle on the Gucci Disco and it’s just attached right to the side.
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  5. Hi hun!
    So this may not make any sort of difference in your choice, but my best friend actually just bought the camera bag on Friday. (You have to love girl’s trips to Saint Laurent, we all came out broke and with handbags )
    Anyway, we spent all weekend wearing our bags and in the last day or two my friend has noticed that the top where the opening is is already getting softer and wider. I don’t know that ‘stretched out’ is quite the right way to describe the way it’s wearing, but that’s the best I can really describe it visually. It kind of bows up while zipped due to the soft leather. I don’t know that that would bother you at all, I just know within a weeks she was already noticing that the bag was doing that and it kind of bugs her a bit. And of course I’m sure it’ll only soften and ‘stretch out’ more over time. So far it’s not much of an aesthetic problem, more so just a small character of the bag that bugs my (very detail oriented and OCD) friend.
    Aside from that, I would highly recommend that bag! She’s been able to fit things so easily into the bag, I am even considering putting the bag on my wishlist because of it’s convenience!
  6. I’m a huge fan of the Loulou bag. I think it’s so beautiful and classy. And you are right about being a little more dressier.. but since you can change the strap I think you could have more options and transform into a day or a night bag with a different strap. Maybe a light color strap for day and a chain for night.
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  7. Thank you! This is so helpful ! I’m def gonna get the lou lou you.. now just gotta decide in hardware ;)
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  8. I too am having the same great debate between the 2 bags. As everyone said, they both look great on you so I can see why you were having a hard time deciding. For reference, how tall are you? I haven't gotten the chance to try them on yet, but I'm 5'3" and am fearful the camera bag will be a little too long for my frame.
  9. I’m 5’5.. I think o feel like the lou camera is too big and the toy lou lou is too small.. hmph !
  10. Agreed! I love the look of the toy, but I wish it had a zipper instead of the magnetic closure. I'm looking for more of a "night out" bag and I think the camera is just a bit too big. ⍨
  11. I feel
    The exact same way. Tbh I’m stuck with a saint laurent store credit bc I didn’t realize they had a no refund policy and I really need a new bag so trying to settle on one of these... first world problems I guess‍♀️ I’m starting to lean towards the velvet toy lou lou now...
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  12. toy loulou all the way ! the lou camera bag is just another rectangular shoulder bag :smile: