Saint Laurent YSL lou camera or toy lou lou??

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  1. Hi ladies! I just can’t decide between the saint lauren Lou camera bag w gold hardware or the toy loy lou lou with gold or silver hardware (not sure which hardware I prefer on the toy!)

    I’m looking for a everyday bag I don’t need to be delicate with that I can also bring out at night for cocktails. I feel like this is more fitting for the toy lou but wondering what you guys think? Here’s a collage of me and the bags lol. Excuse the outfit- post workout shopping!

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  2. I’m in the same boat. I do think the toy is dressier and overall cuter, but not so much that it wouldn’t work for daytime. The main considerations for me are what fits and durability...the camera can hold much more and apparently is less likely to wear on the corners. I’ve also heard people complain that the magnet closure on the flap is a pain. And they are the same price.

    If money were no object though I'd get the Small Loulou because it’s just so beautiful!
  3. If money were no object I think I’d buy a Chanel! Lol! I’m
    Going back to the store Monday to try both on again. Which hw do u like better on the toy lou lou?
  4. Fortunately, these are all flattering on you (which is often not the case when this question has been asked in the past). So, presumably that's what's making your decision hard.

    I have a few of each style, but if I could only have one I'd pick the camera....for many of the reasons mentioned above. The toy is arguably more versatile due to the removable strap....but ultimately, it doesn't fit much which may cancel out that benefit depending on how much you carry.
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  5. The toy loulou is definitely more dressy. Camera bags are more of a casual daytime bag(errands, lunch, etc). But then again camera bags are really popular right now & hold much more.
  6. I’d go with the camera! It would hold much more and in my opinion, the gold hardware dresses it up enough.
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  7. I prefer silver, but that’s just me. I wear all white gold and hate my bag hw to
  8. I have the Toy Lou Lou with the bronze emblem & I love it! The Camera Lou is bigger than the toy but I didn’t care for the tiny strap ( I dont like rectangle bags with skinny straps, balance is off).
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  9. I too have had the same dilemma. I went for the camera bag for a number of reasons. I was looking for something more casual and I didn’t like the way the toy Lou Lou kinda sticks out slightly when worn cross body, well at least on me. The toy lou lou looks really nice on you but you may find it too small for daily use perhaps. I prefer silver hardware. I ended up going for red rather than black. Good luck!
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    hi, you asked me about ghw vs shw in another thread but funny because i failed to mention that i actually ended up buying the camera bag in ghw. So basically just like you, i debated between toy lou vs lou camera and ghw vs
    I really wanted the toy lou at first because of it's design, i thought it was really cute. also there were a lot of youtubers and fashion bloggers who has the but then when i went to the store to try it on, it looked really small on me and the strap was too short for crossbody. The toy lou also didn't fit a lot and can barely fit my iphone8plus because it has a middle compartment. the camera bag fits so much more. Like everyone here, i also think the toy lou is dressier and a bit cuter than the camera. it just doesn't work for me. :smile:
  11. Interesting conversation about the toy vs the camera. I’m realizing the camera is more practical for my lifestyle. But two things on the camera I don’t like: how the quilting is tighter than on the flap loulous, and that tassle! Argh...does that tassle drive you crazy or what?
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  12. Toy lou
  13. The camera style is more practical but I am still voting for the toy bag because I think it can elevate super casual outfits more and because I am just a big Loulou fan.
  14. Same as everyone here. Toy Loulou is cuter but the camera fits more. I don’t know if Its more practical, if you load it up it might be difficult to get to the stuff on the bottom since it has just one big compartment. I have a bag like that (apc half moon bag) and i find it quite annoying when Its full to find stuff, but that might also be because the leather is much stiffer.

    What about the small Loulou :angel: you then get the best of both worlds, a roomy bag that is very elegant.
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