Saint Laurent YSL Domino Bag

  1. Hi guys, this Domino Bag is a new release Saint Laurent. It’s like Saint Laurent’s version of the classic Hermès Constance or Celine’s Box Bag. Very minimalist and very classic. What are people’s thoughts on the bag?
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  2. Some modeling shots of the Saint Laurent YSL Domino Bag.
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  3. Here is some more pictures of the Saint Laurent YSL Domino Bag being carried.
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  4. Not really liking the look though :sad: I prefer the YSL logo at the front like the camera bags or Lou Lou haha
  5. ....not my cup of tea, but this has been reduced in the Farfetch and" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter sales for those interested :angel:
  6. Yeah, the way the strap connects to the body of the bag is definitely reminiscent of Celine's box. Same with the side view.

    I'll admit O prefer this to the Le 16 (is that what the first bag worn by Gaga is called?).

    I wouldn't buy it though but I'm curious to see what comes next.
  7. I’m not sure yet if I would buy it because I’m really
    The LE 16 bag is a Celine bag designed by Hedi Slimane. This bag is Saint Laurent and definitely agree it has a similar aesthetic to Celine Box bag designed by Phoebe Philo. :smile:
  8. Domino bag in different colours
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  9. A lady wearing the YSL Domino Bag and the other lady wearing the YSL Victorie bag
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  10. I’m not a huge fan of all smooth leather but I’m also tough on my bags. This is a pass for me.