Saint Laurent YSL Cassandra Monogram Clasp Bag

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  1. Hi i thought I’d start a thread for this brand new Saint Laurent YSL Cassandra Monogram Clasp Bag. I tried it on in store and I think it looks so classy and chic. It looked great with my casual smart outfit but I think it would also look great dressed up. What are your thoughts on the bag?
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  2. Photo from YSL website
  3. Photo of interior compartments of the bag. It’s a very minimalist bag. I think it could fit your phone, cards, slim portable phone charger, keys and a little bit of cosmetics and that’s it.
  4. At the moment it comes in there classic colours; black, dark green and dark red.
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  5. A photo from Matches Fashion website of the Cassandra Monogram Clasp Bag.
    B0ED7C9B-1CA8-4AA7-BAE2-673B645456EA.jpeg B0B78571-E23C-4242-BA04-3277A555128E.jpeg
  6. The bag is 100% calfskin leather which is usually very durable. The bag opens at the Clasp. Photo credit Farfetch.
    159913C9-7E6C-44A9-9E3D-06EB0AB34519.jpeg 9CF60016-B43F-46F1-AEBF-766CCD20464D.jpeg 9C08C76A-C6BF-4686-9125-AE7B14E7EE37.jpeg
  7. Dark Green Cassandra Monogram Clasp Bag
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  8. Stylish photos of the YSL Cassandra Monogram Clasp bag
    27A03D7C-E99F-49E1-A307-8830C4137FD4.jpeg 15CBAFB7-8180-4C31-B343-0F360500AA60.jpeg
  9. Photo of the Black, Dark Green and Dark Red Saint Laurent YSL Cassandra Monogram Clasp Bag.
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  10. Mod shot
  11. I look forward to seeing this bag in person. I love YSL.
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  12. It’s really beautiful. I fell in love with the bag the moment I saw it. I wonder if it will be roomy enough for my needs though.
  13. The Saint Laurent YSL Cassandra Monogram Clasp Bag in crocodile embossed leather, so pretty!!!
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  14. Love this bag! Hope they make it in silver or black hardware soon.

    I've also seen it referred to as "Marceau" and sometimes spelled "Cassandre". Ssense calls the black color way "Marceau" and the 3 other colors "Cassandra".

    It also comes in Navy (Ssense):
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