Saint Laurent - Wallet on Chain

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  1. I saw the smaller WOC in person when I went and bought the Kate, don't think you would like it. It is very small indeed. The standard WOC is perfect, much bigger than Chanel which holds almost nothing.
  2. Do you happen to know if it would fit the large iphone 6+? thats all i'll be putting in there plus a key, and lipstick, the larger one is gorgeous but almost too large for me to carry as a clutch wihtout the chain
  3. Yes the regular WOC will hold your phone. It holds more than you think, I put in phone, 3 keys, compact, lipstick, reading glasses, and a thin hair comb. It is 8.8 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches. It is perfect as a clutch, not big at all. For the extra $250.00 or so the bigger one makes more sense, and looks so much better!
  4. My medium size ysl woc. Lets show what it can fit. Iphone 6, casio tr camera, car key and lipstick. Notes and coin is inside the zipper

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  5. thats actually heaps! Any chance I can get a measurement of the inside? The 6+ is 2cm longer than the 6, would it fit?
  6. Hi! I have one in Black GHW and a 6+ would definitely fit without problems :smile:
  7. Does anyone recommend the satchel over the WOC?
  8. Hi I just purchased the smal WOC YSL in red with the chevron stiching. I have read some negative comments on the forum that they peeled at the corners shortly after purchase. I love this bag but am concerned about the quality after what I read. Can you tell me how it is holding up for you?
  9. I have it in the porcelain color (off white) for over a year now - no scratches on hardware or damage to any of the leather. Very well made. Enjoy the red:heart:

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  10. See the stitching is even still white!

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  12. @whiteswan - Thanks for your reply and for the pics. I feel better to see that you have the white version and it looks so good. I plan to wear mine a lot since the smaller version (Which I have) is good for cross body - so hopefully it will hold up well. :smile:
  13. Your welcome. Don't worry she's a tough girl - you will enjoy her for years:smile:.
  14. Congrats on your new red chain wallet :smile: I got mine in red as well but in the bigger size (medium as referred to by some). Will you do a reveal of your one?
  15. Thanks! I have attached a couple of images of the WOC but I don't take the best pics LOL! I really liked the medium size too, but I wanted to wear it cross body and it sat a little high for me so I went for the smaller WOC instead. Have you had yours for a while? Is it holding up well? IMG_0100.JPG IMG_0098.JPG
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