Saint Laurent - Wallet on Chain

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
    I didn't know buying a YSL dinner bag will be so confusing. All I just wanted is a YSL dinner bag.

    My criteria for a dinner bag is as follows:
    - Grain de Poudre material
    - Matelassé stitching (Chevron pattern)
    - Detachable chain as shoulder strap (Gold/Silver)
    - Black bag
    - Size: big enough to hold iPhone 6+, 1 lipstick, key pouch, 1 credit card and some $ notes

    After days of research and countless YT videos, I finally realised that there are 2 main classic styles of YSL wallet on chain:

    1) The FIRST is the Envelope Wallet
    Measurement is 7.4 X 4.9 X 1.4 inches
    It has 6 card slots, 1 zip coin pocket, 1 bill and 1 receipt compartment
    RTP USD 1,250
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2) The SECOND is the Flap Wallet
    Measurement is at 8.8 X 5.5 X 1.6 inches
    It has 20 card slots, 1 coin pocket, 2 bill and 2 receipt compartments
    RTP USD1,490

    Before all the research, I have assumed that they are the same bag :blush:

    For those who have the above styles, can you give a quick comment on the pros and cons of it (whichever bag that you have) and will it fit all the things I've listed.

    Hope this is also useful for those looking for information on choosing YSL WOCs ;)
  2. #2 Sep 30, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
    I'm also open to the smaller bags:

    3) Small Tassel Clutch in Crocodile
    Measurement: 10.5 X 4.9 X 2.0 inches
    1 slot pocket
    RTP USD 1,990
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    4) Small Satchel
    Measurement: 6.6 X 4.5 X 1.8 inches
    1 slot pocket
    RTP USD1,550
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Do let me know your thoughts on these 2 also!
  3. Hello. I'm only familiar with bags 1 and 2 as I've also been looking at them recently.

    From what I've gathered, 1 is actually the newer version of 2. 1 is smaller but has a longer strap. Both can be worn crossbody but if you want to use it as a clutch maybe the smaller 1 would look better.

    I'm looking for a crossbody bag and prefer shorter chains so I'm leaning towards getting number 2.
  4. I saw the first envelope wallet IRL. In my opinion it was way too small.
    Personally, I would definitely go with the bigger one.
  5. I have number 2, it can be used as clutch or WOC. Although it looks spacious in the pictures, in reality its not. You diffidently can keep almost all your cards in this bag, but you only can carry few things with you. It fits my mobile, gum, lipstick and my car keys (without the key holder) and that's it! you cant carry more than that as you will not be able to close the bag.
  6. I have number 3, it looks more stunning in person. Just bought it, and have not used it, but I think it would be a tight fit for 6+. but everything else would fit better.
  7. Thanks! I've gotten bag 1 as it was closer to my budget at the time. It looks deceivingly small - it can hold quite a lot due to the way it's constructed at the bottom. And I decided, I won't be needing that much card slots if I'm gonna use it as a dinner bag.

    Nevertheless, bag 2 is still on my to-buy list. I heard from my sales associate that Saint Laurent has re-adjusted the pricing due to rising USD and prices of bags have gone down :yahoo:
  8. Yup, the bigger one is longer on the width - a pity that it was slightly out of my budget and my boutique doesn't have the kind of hardware that I was looking for.
  9. The car keys is always the issue - too bulgy :P

    I like the strap on bag 2 though - looks sturdier?
  10. It's gorgy!!! I saw it in boutique and I couldn't resist trying it out.

    The chain is very weighty and I LOVE how the tassels fall over the bag.

    I haven't have an iPhone 6+ yet - but I intend to change my phone next year. So if it's a tight fit, I might not go for it...

    :shucks: have to save up more for the medium size to fit 6+ (at least they cost lesser than a Chanel)
  11. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the comments.

    I will do a reveal soon on my recent purchase!

  12. I don't have a 6+. but my husband does, I can try it with his and let you know for sure.
  13. I looked at both in the YSL store. I ended up buying Number 1. It actually expands and fits a lot more than it looks like. I fit a very small brush, phone, car keys (even with big click thing on the end:smile: and a lipstick. Also, the strap on No 1 is longer and easier to wear as a cross body. I am only 5'2, but the strap on No 2 hit me too high up. I have been very happy with this purchase. Good luck!!!
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  14. Yes, that's what I felt when I tried it out in the stores earlier.

    Number 1, though shorter in length, actually fits more!

    I'm 5ft (shorter than you) and the length is quite ok for crossbody - still easy to get things out from the wallet.
    Though I'm considering not attaching it to the chain if I ever need to use it for events.

    Anyway, I just received a fantastic offer to buy a very good condition pre-loved piece (referring to Number 2) at an amazing price (almost half price actually).

    The original owner told me it was used for only a couple of hours. Unable to believe it, I asked him for more information. There appears to be a long sad history behind it - that's why he prefers to sell it than to keep it.
  15. Thank you so much!

    Will be great if you can load a photo of how it'll fit an iphone 6+
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