Saint Laurent universite bag...should I?

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  1. I have a dilemma... I really want to add this bag to my collection but I'm not sure if its a smart purchase. I currently have chanel flaps, lady dior, bal city, celine, and saint laurent chyc cabas. I was thinking the universite can be casual chyc for cross body. Do you think this bag is a classic and here to stay??

    What do you all think?
  2. Is the univesite bag the one that looks like a satchel? Maybe you can post pics of it and your bags so we can make a better comparison?
  3. This is the universite bag. I'm deciding between the black smooth leather or pebbled leather (not pictured), red, or an olive khaki color

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  4. Personally, I always go for black if I'm looking for a classic look... And i dont like to baby my bags so i always go with grained leather. Have you seen in the store? I would say out of all the bags you listed that you own... Chanel would be the most classic style? Do u have a classic colored flap or something more seasonal?
  5. I have this bag in lipstick red and absolutely adore it. Personally I think the design is sleek and classic enough that it will stay around. Ofc no one can tell, but I spoke to the sales rep in the Bond St. and Madrid stores about longevity before purchasing 2 yrs ago and they both agreed.

    For me, I think black, gray, tan and red are classic - i absolutely love this bag! It goes with almost all outfits and is just such an elegant statement piece.

    Whilst the smooth leather is delicate, it is more resistant I thought than the celine box bag (and the bag is half the price). Personally I think the smooth leather is prettier than the pebbled for this style. I also thought the YSL logo was perfect for the medium size of this bag/satchel. So I bought this one instead of the celine box, and bought the celine trapeze instead.
  6. thank you for your response :smile:

    Yah i really like the red too but not sure if i have too many red bags but black will go with everything. Difficult decision :hrmm::hrmm:
  7. yes, i have a red, white and beige classic flap. I would want something i can use everyday and for casual. Hard choice... hmm

  8. Definitely black then! But if you can, i would go into the store with one of your classic outfits and try them on..