Saint Laurent-Tax Free Heathrow

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  1. Saint Laurent in Heathrow Airport offer tax free prices to all passengers and the same prices for their airport staff.

    What questions do you have?
    What would you like to know?
    Reservations policy?

    Let me know :smile:
  2. Ooooooooo! Sac de Jour and WOC, please!
  3. May be traveling to the UK in Fall this would be great. I'm looking at the Nano Sac De Jour ($1,990 on and the Toy LouLou strap ($1,190). Curious what the prices would be at Heathrow, and how the reservations process might work. Thanks!
  4. Hi
    How exciting!!

    So just had a look the Nano SDJ is £1,080 tax free and it’s tax free Regardless to where you are travelling.

    Toy Lou Lou is for £685 tax free

    I normally reserve my items with one of the SA in the store via WhatsApp I literally send her what I need and she sends me back pictures and prices etc
    Because I’m always in and out I would just make a payment online and have her deliver the items to whatever terminal I’m in..

    I can send you her work number she will be able to advise you more.

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  5. Hi
    Just wondering if the ysl at heathrow T4 has the chevron monogram flap long wallet (black and gold hardware) and how much is the tax free price? I know online is about £465.

  6. Hi

    I also like to know what the prices are for the Sac Du Jour Small in crocodile embossed leather (supple version) Kate tassle medium handbag in crocodile embossed leather, silver hardware.

    I've traveled to Heathrow many years ago, I wish I had the money to spend on lux handbags. Didn't know it was that much savings!!

  7. image.jpg image.jpg

    Hi it’s such a big difference in comparison to outside I think!

    So the Sac De Jour is £1,890 tax free
    Medium Kate with Tassel is £1,220 tax free

  8. It’s £395 image.jpg
  10. I will be flying from Heathrow first week of May, is it possible to get a YSL shopper in black ready for me? Can you let me know how much it'll cost? Thanks :smile:

  11. Which one would like reserved?
  12. Do they have niki bag in stock?
  13. 516E0AA6-4FAC-4BA1-BE46-E0E25DA6460C.jpeg Yes they do
    The Niki is pretty much sold out everywhere is very HOT at the moment. They a few in stock without a deposit the bag can only be held for a day.
    But if they are low in stock then it’s only full deposit.
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    Does the ysl at Heathrow T4 has the tribute heels (black or navy) and how much is the tax free price? I'm going to UK in July and would like to know whether the purchase can be made when I arrive at Heathrow or is it only applicable for passengers flying from Heathrow? Tia

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  15. are you working at the ysl store?

    do you know why there are so many shopper totes out there ? i can't see any differneces