Saint Laurent sunsrt bag! Which colour?!? Please help!!!

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Black silver hardware or green gold hardware YSL sunset bag?

  1. Black

    3 vote(s)
  2. Green

    6 vote(s)
  1. Hello all.

    I would like to purchase a YSL sunset bag but I am stuck between the colours! I have a few YSL bags which are black, but not sure whether the green is something that can be used with many outfits and its timeless, but I really like the colour. Would love to know your opinions!

    Thank you
    DAD75FF7-CF10-4980-927F-EB89899B54F6.jpeg C776FE05-2A4E-43DE-AC67-ADAD51467DD3.jpeg
  2. I love the green! I think it would be a subtle way of adding color without being too wild or trendy. I’m looking for a dark green Niki and I’m kicking myself by I didn’t pre order during the gift card event at bergdorf - now I can’t find it anywhere!

    When I’m not sure about a color I look back at the last few outfits I’ve worn and consider if I could have used that color bag instead. I would use the green as a neutral, especially if you already have several black bags.
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  3. Thank you Enza :smile: ! I totally agree with you. Green is a subtle colour which can go with most light and dark colour clothes. In regards to the Niki, wait for the winter Christmas sale, boutique stores might have it again.
  4. That shade of green is very classic. It looks really luxurious with the aged gold hardware. If you are comfortable with black bags then no harm in getting another one. If you want a little variety and a bag that stands out get the dark green.